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Declare the shortage of medical drugs in Zambia a health emergency, HH told


Opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Kasonde Mwenda has written to President Hakainde Hichilema advising him to declare the shortage of medical drugs in the country a health emergency.

Mr. Mwenda said declaring the shortage of medical drugs in the country a health emergency as contained in the emergency powers act chapter 108 of the laws of Zambia would enable quick procurement of medicines to save lives of citizens.

There is a short supply of medical drugs in health facilities throughout the country.

In a letter addressed to President Hichilema dated 24th March, 2022, Mr. Mwenda said many Zambians are losing lives across the country owing to the shortage of Medicines in health facilities.

Mr. Mwenda reminded President Hichilema that the Zambian Law has empowered him as Head of State to make emergency regulations whenever an emergency proclamation is in force as guided.

He also called for the removal of Sylvia Masebo as Minister of Health.
Mr. Mwenda said Ms. Masebo should be given another portfolio and a person well vested in the Public Health Administration should take over the Ministry of Health.

“Your Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, we the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF party advise that in the interest of many Zambian lives that are perishing across the country following shortage of Medicines in Public Hospitals (health facilities) across the country which we believe has been caused by procurement hurdles that your administration is facing; may you declare a HEALTH EMERGENCY through evocation of the Presidential Emergency Powers as contained in the Emergency Powers Act Chapter 108 of the Laws of Zambia so that your government can expressly and expeditiously procure medicines with legal immunity from the encumbrance and time delays of the procurement processes,” Mr. Mwenda wrote.

“Your Excellency Mr. President, the Zambian Law has empowered you as President to make emergency regulations whenever an emergency proclamation is in force as guided that:Sec(3) (1) Whenever an emergency proclamation is in force the President may, by statutory instrument, make such regulations as appear to him to be necessary or expedient for securing the public safety, the defense of the Republic, the maintenance of public order and the suppression of mutiny, rebellion and riot, and for maintaining supplies and services essential to the life of the community,” he stated.

“Authorise the acquisition on behalf of the Republic of any property other than land. We also advise that you reshuffle your Cabinet. In particular we appeal that the Minister of Health be given another portfolio and a person well vested in Public Health Administration takes over the Ministry of Health. Your expedient intervention to save lives is of essence. May God Bless Zambia,” Mr. Mwenda added.

But Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo recently said that the government has enough resources for procurement of drugs and equipment for health facilities as it was included in this year’s budget.

Ms. Masebo said that the only challenge the Ministry has been facing is a reorganization of systems to cut down the middlemen and lower the cost of equipment and drugs to a reasonable price.

“We want to ensure that Zambians participate in the business that deals with the health sector, that is why the instruction I am giving to my ministry is to ensure that 30 percent of all contracts in the ministry must be reserved for Zambians,” she said.

“The other 70 percent is where Zambians are free to participate with other people,” she added.

Ms. Masebo said persons with disabilities, women, and youths will be included in the 30 per cent that has been reserved for Zambians.

She also said that the government will this year embark on the construction of health facilities countrywide in order to enable patients to access health services close to them.

Ms. Masebo said the New Dawn government is committed to reducing both communicable and non-communicable diseases in the country.


  1. I get confused
    How many EFF presidents do we have in Zambia? As for the topic, I leave the situation in the hands of t Almighty God.

  2. In a world where blackmail and sabotage are the order of the day, such things are common. The minister is trying to create an impression that the previous government was corrupt while technocrats are giving her enough rope to hang herself. Believe me, drugs may be procured under a very un professional way due to the current serious shortages that have never been seen before. Who is blackmailing who?

  3. Running a country is not the same as looking after cattle. Human lives are involved here the boys in charge have no idea how countries are governed.

  4. This man’s arrogance is leading to the unfortunate death of Zambians. Should any of my relatives die due to drugs shortage, I will personally squeeze hh balls until he suffocate

  5. Set up an integrated electronic and digital database, coding and real time GIS tracer system anchored on pharmacy dispatch points and community mobile app feedback for all government procured medicines and equipment. Decision markers can easily monitor what is happening.

  6. Look at who is giving advice, but you people are the ones caused this problem,infact what HH should do is, Declare a state of emergency to investigate the sabotage, this is purely caused by personel at MOH as evident in those who were caught recruiting their relatives already for jobs not advertised yet. Similary they withheld this medicine or supplied fake honeybee ones which this government has thrown away or canceled contracts for.

  7. Mr Zulu kindly term your language. Not only is HH the President of Zambia he is but father,Husband to his family. Use appropriate language in Public Do unto others what you would be happy if it was done back to you sir. Not only that save yourself from unnecessary interrogations.

  8. Why dont we dont a poll on how many people died of neglect during the PF rule
    STuP!D Man

  9. How would declaring an emergency help? Its not like medicines and medical aid will start falling from heaven once he declares. People need to use their initiative and effort, to work hard to change the situation. He just needs to sit down with the health minister, get a plan and delivery deadlines which he should monitor. Otherwise

  10. I think a disaster should be a crisis arising from unforseen circumstances. A shortage of drugs in government run health Institutions caused by an incompetent paranoid Minister doesn’t qualify to be declared as a national disaster. This is a missed call

  11. I am just coming from UTH to check on my grandniece and an acquaintance who have been hospitalized. My acquaintance is anaemic, but there is no blood in the blood bank; so, his children had to donate blood. He is having problems sleeping because of the pain, but there is no pain killer available in the hospital. My grandniece is in a similar plight, and we have had to source the medication from the pharmacies as a family. When you mention these realities to the praise singers, particularly on social media, you come under severe attack and labelled as an ungrateful PF cadre who can’t appreciate the achievements of the New Dawn in only seven months! What is this country coming to?


  13. There’s nothing you’re putting across by using such derogatory terms. Lets respect each other. We all can insult but we choose not to because its the right thing to do. Let’s have a meaningful discussion, irrespective of how much we disagree.

  14. Iwe ka zulu, just keep hurting. It gonna nyonga you and many enjoy your hurt..ati ba presidential advisor, ata.
    No wonder kamuntu kobe kaleshana fye. kamoneni..

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