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Government assures Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries of continued support


Zambezi District Commissioner, Simeon Machayi has assured Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries in the district continued government support.

Speaking during the launch of 2022 Social Cash Transfer using Zambia integrated social protection information system (ZISPIS) today, Mr Machayi said government has continued to prioritise the welfare of vulnerable people hence the continued implementation of social cash transfer in all 116 districts in the country.

He explained that the objective of the program is to reduce extreme poverty and to prevent the integration and transfer of poverty.

Mr Machayi said government will continue using this program as one of the social protection interventions among others, for poor and vulnerable households.

“In the bid to reduce vulnerability and expand protections for the most marginalized Zambians, we as government will continue to provide a solid foundation and additional support to children and adolescents,” he said.

Mr Machayi also explained the changes that have taken place since 2014 to 2022 including the introduction of ZISPIS will ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Mr Machayi said the system will ease the work and challenges of pay point managers who are involved in disbursement of funds,

He said the new model of payment system also help to keep a tight check on beneficiaries who register twice saying that the system automatically rejects such beneficiaries

“The government resolved to pay funds using a new model called Zambia Integrated Social Protection Information System in order to ensure that there is accountability and efficiency in implementing the programme,” Mr. Machayi stated.

Meanwhile, giving a vote of thanks, Memory Kayivwa applauded the government for the continued support, saying that Social Cash Transfer has helped them a lot in reducing poverty.

“We are surviving because of Social Cash Transfers. Though others see it as little, for us it is an investment which in the long run has helped in reducing poverty at many household levels,” Ms Kayivwa said.

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