Friday, May 31, 2024

Pray for Ukraine and Russia-Veep


Vice President, Mutale Nalumango has called on Zambians, in their personal capacities, to sincerely pray for Ukraine and Russia.

Ms Nalumango said the church has a role to play to bring people together but Christianity rests where people pray individually.

The Vice President said this in Lusaka yesterday after she attended a Consecration Mass for Russia and Ukraine to the immaculate heart of Mary.

She noted that prayer is not political, adding that the church only plays a role by providing leadership to bring people and politicians together to pray.

“In our personal capacities, we should be praying sincerely for Ukraine and even for Russia because we do not know what is really pushing the hearts of people. It all starts with us, love and how connected we are” she said.

During the Mass, Archbishop for Lusaka, Alick Banda said Pope Francis has appealed to the entire church and for people of good will to join him in prayer for peace in the world, in Russia and Ukraine.

Bishop Banda said the lack of peace in the society and world at large is a sign of the disintegration of unity between God and humankind.

The Archbishop said it is, therefore, important to first and foremost, seek God and acknowledge his primacy to everyone.

He added that the peace that come from God always begins in the heart, adding that the lack of peace in the society is not only as a result of economic and political issues but also a result of social, cultural and personal issues such as selfishness, envy and hatred.

“The consequences of war are bitterness, hatred and enmity,” he added.

The mass was attended by the Vice President, Vatican Ambassador to Zambia, members of the Diplomatic Corp, Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Doreen Mwamba and political party leaders and members.


  1. Very naive woman. Your government already stated that they only support ukraine. Today you are saying pray for Russia too? F00Iish. You chose ukraine which discriminated against your fellow blacks yet here you are now trying to control damage done. Fuseke. We in pf support Russia and always have. Those saying its because I have a Russian side chick, fuseke!

  2. Stop this nonsense….You pray for yourselves and how you are going to balance the budget if IMF doesnt give you the money…Russia and Ukraine know what they are doing infact Ukraine has already got a billion in cash already that’s excluding the military hardware!!

  3. Nothing wrong in asking for prayers for Ukraine and Russia.War is bad for anybody.
    Hope this war ends quickly.So let’s learn
    Something from this war as it can start from

  4. Useless demagogue leaders….you worried about Russia and Ukraine and yet your own people are dying of starvation…no proper public toilets…..and busy worrying about Russia and Ukraine…ba Pompwe imwe

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