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Zambia start preparations for satellite launch


Zambia drew closer to launching its own satellite with the establishment of a committee of experts to spearhead the process.

The 20-man Technical Steering Committee on the National Space Science program is expected to develop a roadmap and implementation plan for the launch of a space satellite in the next two years.

Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati during the unveiling of the committee expressed confidence that the experts appointed to spearhead the development and coordinate activities for the development of space science will do a good job.

Stephen Simukanga, Director-General of the Higher Education Authority assured that the team was ready to start doing its work.

Last year, Mr. Mutati said it was imperative for the country to have its own satellite because the current situation where the country borrows space from other satellites was limiting access to data.

He said having a satellite will go a long way in having timely data to inform decision-making.

Mr. Mutati however, said this would be backed by the development of a science policy.

“I wish to report back to the nation on the progress made towards our target to launch a Zambian owned satellite in order to improve on data capture for the benefit of many sectors of the economy. We have inaugurated a 20 member technical steering committee who have been tasked to develop the national space science program,” Mr. Mutati said.

He said, “This team which is comprised of experts from various sectors of the economy is expected to develop a zero draft national space science policy, develop a framework for regional and international cooperating partners and develop a roadmap as well as implementation plan for the launch of the space satellite.”

He added, “I expect nothing but hard-work from the committee in order for us as a country to meet our targets, as this is a very important agenda by the government towards fostering science, technology and innovation development in the country. I wish to thank all the members for accepting our request for them to sit on this committee.”

Below is the full list of the technical steering committee that has been inaugurated for coordination of activities for the space science program under the National Remote Sensing Centre.

1. Dr Alvert N’gandu (Chairperson) – Expert Engineer

2. Mrs Jane Chinkusu (Member) – DST | Ministry of Technology and Science

3. Mr Succeed Mubanga (Member) – DPI | Ministry of Technology and Science

4. Prof Stephen Simukanga (Member) – Higher Education Authority

5. Mr Morton Mwanza (Member) – Ministry of Agriculture

6. Dr Charles Lubobya (Member) – University of Zambia

7. Representative (Member) – Ministry of Defense

8. Dr Henry Kambafwile (Member) – NISIR

9. Dr Dalitso Banda (Member) – University of Zambia

10. Mr Fred Joe Nambala (Member) – University of Zambia

11. Mr Prospery Simpempa (Member) – Copperbelt University

12. Engineer Jason Mwanza (Member) – ZAMTEL

13. Mr Dickson Chipaila (Member) – ZICTA

14. Engineer Chimfwembe Mutale (Member) – Engineering Institute of Zambia

15. Mr Gabriel Lesa (Member) – Civil Aviation Authority

16. Dr Christopher Lungu (Member) – National Remote Sensing Centre

17. Dr Chiluwata Lungu (Member) – Diaspora Expert

18. Dr Chigomedzyo Ngwira (Member) – Diaspora Expert

19. Dr Remmy Musumpuka (Member) – Diaspora Expert

20. Dr Patrick Sibanda (Member) – Mulungushi University


  1. I hope those people are not getting paid……..

    Dreams are free…….

    At this moment in time, it will be cheaper and quicker to buy an off the shelf communications satellite from Russia or India and pay for the launch……..

  2. LT, Is your website at fault – such that the ‘like/dislike’ ticks on certain comments often take a few clicks to register, or don’t at all? If this anomaly is real, fix it please. On the other hand, if this is intentional to cartel the number of ‘likes/dislikes’ certain comments get dependent on the narrative you are siding with, then you are no better than other biased News outlets that seek to send out only one side of the story! You have done well so far…it would be sad if you took sides now. Thanks.

  3. Interesting that no one on the committee appears to have any financial expertise – is this going to be a “damn the cost, we just want to do it” scenario?

  4. O no…Space again.I remeber the time in the late 1960 when guys were training to fly into space and trained by sitting in a 45 gallon drum rolling down the Hill.wonder wonder….never seen the space,shame.Anyway good luck.

  5. Wow! How Anthony Bwalya came from the backdoor, overlapped and knockout SLUGGISH and SLEEPY established media CRONIES of UPND to become HH’s Right Hand Man & Press Aid. Wow! How Anthony Bwalya came from the backdoor, overlapped and knockout SLUGGISH and SLEEPY established media CRONIES of UPND to become HH’s Right Hand Man & Press Aid.

    You have to give it to them and enjoy the article. What are these **** Diaspora Expertise *****
    Are these people without jobs but on western nations government handouts or social services benefits.

    17. Dr Chiluwata Lungu (Member) – Diaspora Expert
    18. Dr Chigomedzyo Ngwira (Member) – Diaspora Expert
    19. Dr Remmy Musumpuka (Member) – Diaspora Expert

  6. This Dr Chigomedzyo Ngwira who is s/he? S/He has no footprint on the internet …is s/he from Zimbabwe?

  7. I like Mutati, he is ahead of his time…lol. Space Force show on Netflix comes to mind….kikiki

  8. Upnd has failed to solve the problems on the ground and they now want to f00lishly take their failures to space. Can you imagine this nonsense hahahaha

  9. It even has the cheek to pop its head out without shame..whatever happened to the Russian Nuclear Power Plant. Anyway if one is masquarading as someone s/he is not …they can do silly things like a Nyau dancer dancer.

  10. Mudala – elaborate more ..the other diaspora experts have a footprint…you can trace their educational background in electronics and electrical engineering.

  11. Here on earth mupalezwi, what the hell do you think you can do in space that you couldn’t do here on the ground? Ki masipa feela a, minungu yamina.

  12. Fill me up I’ve been out of Zed for a long time but I notice that Z media nowadays identifies people, rather ludicrously, with the title Eng so and so.
    Did ego hungry engineers bully the media to identify them by profession or do you do the same to those of us with ACCA? Or teachers, Botanists, farmers archeologists even journalists? What happens if an engineer has a doctorate?

  13. “Zambia start preparations for satellite launch”-LT

    What exact meaning of a Zambia?

    once bitten twice shy.

    GRZ What happened to Lusaka stock exchange? Who wants to invest and the politician come and take it all?

    Launching a satellite you need a vibrant stock market.

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