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Chief Chitimukulu calls on Government to consider introducing culture as a subject in schools


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has called on Government through the Ministry of Education to consider introducing culture as a subject in schools.

The traditional leader said there is a need for children to start learning about their culture for them to appreciate the importance of National values and principles.

The Paramount Chief has further encouraged the Ministry of Education to adopt into the school curriculum some books which have been written by local authors to encourage more writing.

He noted that some authors have written good books on the importance of preserving culture in the nation but only few people have access to them.

The Paramount Chief also encouraged authors in the country to continue writing books which will help future generations to understand where they are coming from.

He also expressed sadness on how the current generation has been ruined with the western cultures.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS at his residence in Kasama.

The traditional leader said young people have abandoned their culture and are instead copying western culture.

The Paramount Chief has also commended a Catholic Priest Richard Mukuka who has written books on the Bemba migration into Zambia and has urged him to continue writing productive materials.

And Northern Province Cultural Affairs Officer Vester Zile said it is important for Zambian authors to write books about culture in the country.

He said most people tend to know more about other national cultures through the media because they have never come across books which talk about Zambian culture.

Mr. Zile has encouraged all authors who write about culture to engage his office if they are facing some challenges, adding that his office is ready to support them.


  1. Ba Chitimukulu is icikopo. What is Social Studies and history?
    Hoo yes, he now support Nkandu Luo’s degree in Withcraft studies.

  2. Iwe, u don’t say such things to a chief. Just disagree politely although the Chitimukulu himself is fond of such language.

  3. I haven’t forgotten the U-turn that Chitimukulu made in his support for the thieving Edgar China Lungu and his friend Stup!d KZ, so the culture that this guy wants to introduce is CORRUPTION – NO THANK YOU.


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