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Four out of five Kitwe constituencies in receipt of CDF


Kitwe City Council has received the 2022 first quarter Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for four constituencies out of its five constituencies.

The constituencies that have received their CDF allocation are Chimwemwe, Kwacha, Nkana and Wusakile constituencies while Kamfinsa has not received it.

Each of the four constituencies has been allocated a total of K5.1 million in addition to the K635, 000 that was given to each of the constituencies in January this year for the secondary school’s bursary scheme.

This is according to a statement released to the media in Kitwe today by Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba.

And Ms. Mwamba has since urged the CDF committees to expedite the selection process of projects so that they can be approved by the Minister of Local Government and Urban Development for early commencement of the projects.

The release of the CDF is expected to intensify development projects that will be undertaken by local contractors in their respective constituencies.

This will in turn create jobs for youths and all other citizens throughout the country as projected by the New Dawn government which is focused on improving the living standards of people both in rural and urban areas.

The government increased the CDF allocation from K1.6 to K25.7 million.


  1. Ukko tiye nayo baba. Where are the nay sayers now – ukko zayamba kuwonekela kaili. Zambia is headed for a smart African country through this CDF trust me. Those arguing didnt understand what increasend CDF implied until you received. Imagine with the previous 1.6million constituencies were still able to excell somehow,even tho what they practically received was only abt half of 1.6m cos the PF cadres used to pocket the other half. Now imagine receiving 5million for jst a quater previously 1.6million was for the whole year…hahahahhahahahhahaha

  2. Let’s wait and see if the current pain and poverty has changed Zambians’ attitude towards public funds. After 2 to 3 yrs, no school-going child should be sitting on a bare floor during lessons. HH wants to deliver. Of course Chishimba Kambwili won’t like it but will be too ashamed to admit it.

  3. When is Kabushi recieving its CDF before dull Bowman writes a letter to IMF and UN …Kabushi people are so daft they will think CDF is coming from Bowman’s pocket!!

  4. That’s a lot of money to open vegetable farms for each constituency.
    Flood your markets with vegetables from your farm. Employ all your boys, and the mother’s can buy from farm.
    Think you …

  5. Development nearer to the people is important but how you design planning control management and transfer of assets including issues of standards in design and construction matters The CDF should form much of the guidance work in progress and asset creations in wards and constituencies under the councils then the councils under the local and central gov guidances and design you will not be creating councils at ward levels rather bottom up planning and cost center allocation at council level but councils fully in charge of works and assets created to design and national construction standards otherwise it becomes onerously and difficult to achieve national progress and development well designed Assets in CDF must accrue to local councils unless you make it clear it’s only short-term…

  6. It’s should be clear wether it’s for recurrent or construction in approvals allocations should be made only on approved plans but in this case it appears its being released then committee sit to decide it’s not council mayoral chamber approach is it?The council sits receives plans for wards and constinuencies plan and file for funding with minister minister then mof after that monitoring and reviews it’s going to be difficult unless proactively so Then the standards of building and construction together with roads and others for the capital components repairs and rectification consultants and assurance etc must be within the council otherwise naikosako achieving progress and development

  7. Kikikiki tARINO A GREAT THINKER yes people of kabushi will otherwise think the money is coming from boman lusambo

  8. So when you complete the capital works under you handover to who the wards and councils. Those assets created should be for the councils balance sheet to accrue to all for the futures otherwise levels and what forms budgets for CDFs must be clearly defined imwe niso otherwise better recurrent activities band local infrastructure ministry as before It will show when auditor general begin to audit technical projects delivery on CDF infrastructure projects it’s now to make it clearly mwamoka Certain projects must remain Centrally implemented with economies of scale with optimization of limited funds nationally in developments

  9. The only f00ls singing praise for upnd even when it is clear that things are bad are not even in zambia. These f00Is are all abroad and are not experiencing what we here in zambia are going through. Some of them have not visited zambia for decades because they have not legalised their papers there abroad so they cannot risk travelling and being deported or not allowed to go back to diaspora. They are frustrated illegal immigrants

  10. What are these funds for? K5MIllion? To be shared by how many?That’s the weekly pay Patson Daka receives here

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