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Kagame expected in Livingstone tomorrow


Preparations have heightened in the tourist capital Livingstone ahead of the state visit by Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

A check by ZANIS found a team of senior government officials led by Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Namani Monze, inspecting some works at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, the Mukuni Big Five and the Victoria Falls in Livingstone.

Billboards with messages of welcoming the visiting President and the host President Hakainde Hichilema to Livingstone, have been mounted along the Mosi-Otunya and Airport Roads and in the central business district of Livingstone.

According to the programme made available to ZANIS, President Kagame will be welcomed at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport by his Zambian counterpart President Hakainde Hichilema on Monday, 4th April 2022.

The two Heads of State are expected to hold bilateral talks as well as sample tourism packages offered in Livingstone.

The two Presidents are also scheduled to visit Kazungula bridge to familiarise themselves with new developments which the crossing point has brought about in Zambia and the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Several Livingstone residents were seen preparing themselves to accord the two Presidents a thunderous welcome.


  1. At a time of historic levels of cost of living, how much of taxpayers money is going into this visit and what are the outcomes expected from his visit?

  2. @ Kaizar Zulu
    That question is for Rwandans to answer.. Kagame is a HERO in neighbouring Mozambique. A country a far

  3. I hope HH7 has the balls to tell Paul Kagame not to brutalise his political opponents and that he can not rule forever but should nuture his juniors

  4. LIke Kagame or not but i know that what he has done for Rwanda no other African President will achieve that in the next 50 years atleast. Our Hichilema is not yet their but he ll be definitely second best, the entire Africa. White people will know that in Africa there is two serious Businessmen Presidents 1.Paul kagame and 2.Hakainde Hichilema. That is obvious for those that Understand both Business & Politics. These two are not Politicians but But businessmen who are aggressively determined to change “not their lives” but the lives of people which they rule. These two are manufacturing their own way of doing politics in Africa, A continent filled with heartless Dictators.

  5. Kagame was a rebel leader who toppled an oppresive that murdered innocent citizens of a different tribe. And for him to come out of that war and not seek revenge but unity, & not jst that but on top of unity he goes ahead to develop a poorest country in Africa to the Richest country in Africa(not by GDP but by GDP per capital definitely Rwanda is right on top) – come on even if you are a witch-give credit where its due. On the other hand,by the end of his term,HH will make history as an African President that took over a bankrupt/Debt Ridden/The only Debt defaulted african country to a fast growing economy in Africa , to rich african country by GDP per capital. Those things like CDF look stupid now but those are the things that improve the GDP per capital. Come back to me 5 years from and…

  6. Kagame is a brutal dictator and a puppet of the West. Killing Rwandans wasn’t enough, he invaded Congo and massacred and pillaged even more. He is in Mozambique not to help the people of Mozambique but on contract with Total Energies. He is reportedly the richest man in Rwanda, his party is also a business and he rewards himself all the government contracts. One day he will answer for his crimes. Opposition critics, musicians, comedians, YouTube, journalists even street vendors are rotting in prison with made up charges. Zambia you have nothing to learn from that man.

  7. @Mwene Ngofero Wow!! Thank you for that information! Bob Marley said, you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time! Recently, it was reported that Kagame bought his son a USD $7 million mansion in Hollywood, and has multiple apartments in Boston and New York. The truth is slowly coming out..

  8. Reflection of sustained peak of hypocrisy by the new Govt. Prior to the Aug. 2021 Elections, UPND mounted a sarcastic & mocking project against the PF Govt when President ECL worked hard to source funds to complete the construction of the Kazungula Bridge which is a gigantic project now driving the economy in the SADC Region. Alas, the UPND Govt has swallowed its pride by show-casing the joint Botswana-Zambian Project to President Kagame. HH must pick up what the PF Govt initiated to (1) build a bridge across Luapula R. to link up with Congo DR and (2) rehabilitate the Solwezi-Mwinilunga Rd and complete construction of the road up to Ijimbe border with Angola whilst international good will is still on our side.

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