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UPND Government has scored landmark achievements in 7 months-Kalunga


The government has scored landmark achievements to improve the lives of the Zambian people during the seven months the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration has been in office.

Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Kalunga, said key among the milestone achievements include the promotion of a united and peaceful Zambia in which President Hakainde Hichilema has ensured that appointments to his Cabinet, are reflective of all the 10 provinces of the country.

“Through this and other measures, the “One Zambia One Nation” motto that has bound us together since independence, is once again becoming a reality where all Zambians have an equal say and stake in the affairs of the country,” Mr. Kalunga said.

According to a press statement issued by the Press and Media Relations Unit at the Ministry of Information and Media in Lusaka this evening, Mr. Kalunga said this when he made a presentation during a stakeholder meeting organised by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) in conjunction with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in Chisamba today.

Mr. Kalunga added that the people of Zambia envisioned a better and prosperous Zambia when they overwhelmingly voted for the UPND and President Hichilema in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

“As we meet here today, I am delighted to share some of the milestones that the government has achieved since coming into office seven months ago,” said Mr Kalunga in his presentation titled “New Dawn Government Milestones so Far.”

He has since commended the CPD and the FES for convening the meeting which brought together various stakeholders, among them, representatives of civil society organisations, academia and other eminent persons.

He added that the initiative was in line with the government’s ‘servant leadership’ in which the voice of the citizens is paramount in the governance of the country.

“This is an inclusive and listening government. As such, much as I am here to make a presentation on the milestones that government has achieved so far, in essence, I am here to do more listening than talking in order to hear the views of stakeholders on the distance that we have so far covered as a country under the New Dawn Government,” he said.

Mr Kalunga further stated that during the past seven months, the UPND government has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the rule of law by freeing the governance and oversight institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) from political interference and instruction.

He said during the seven months that the UPND administration has been in office, the government has ensured that there is no more police harassment against citizens who hold divergent views from those of the party in power.

He further said government has also ensured that there are no arrests without investigation adding that there is no unwarranted use of teargas or excessive force by police against citizens.

On procurement, the Permanent Secretary said government has moved swiftly and decisively to seal the leakages in the procurement of goods and services in which colossal sums of money were being lost through inflated prices and unsatisfactory works.

“During the seven months in office, President Hichilema has personally held meetings with Cabinet Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other senior government officials to orient them on the need to protect public resources by ensuring that all goods and services procured by government are within the right cost, quality and delivered on time,” he said.

Mr. Kalunga also underscored government’s achievements in depolitising markets and bus stations which it has since handed back to councils as the rightful authorities to run them.

“The markets are now open to everyone to do business regardless of political affiliation,” he said.

Turning to the 2022 national budget, Mr. Kalunga noted that the implementation of some of the key provisions in the budget such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), recruitment of over 40,000 workers in the health and education sectors and free education, was firmly underway.

He said this is a translation of government’s promises to the people of Zambia.

The Permanent Secretary further stated that during the seven months in office, the UPND government has also freed the media so that it sets its own reportorial and editorial agenda.

“From these and other achievements, it is clear that the UPND government, under the leadership of His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, has hit the ground running in delivering development to the people of Zambia in line with its campaign promises,” he said.

Mr. Kalunga however said despite these achievements, government was under no illusion that the road ahead will be smooth.

“The country still faces serious economic challenges caused mainly by high indebtedness, resulting from heavy borrowing during the previous regime,” he said.

He concluded that government was nevertheless not leaving any stone unturned to recover, repair and revive the economy for the betterment of the Zambian people.


  1. This government is full of jokers. New doom government need to looknin the mirror and see how people are complaining.

    Kalunga, prices of commodities have gone up and past PF and you are saying you have improved the lives of people. Shame on you Kalunga.

  2. The only achievement scored so far is that he’s management to put at least 3 Tongas in every institution. It’s a milestone

  3. Now these guys think Zambians are fools let them continue self praise…they will be shocked come 2026….Lungu couldn’t believe it and now UPND will be shown the door

  4. @Ayatollah, I’m not Tonga but so what if Tongas have been appointed in every institution? The Tongas were sidelined for too long by the fallen PF regime. Let them enjoy also. It is their time. Lesa wamulinganya

  5. The cost of living has reached the highest ever since Zambia was Zambia and yet there comes someone in the name of Kalunga that Zambia has achieved and scored landmark achievements. Shame on you and your pay masters. Fellow Zambians, hard times are ahead of us.

  6. #4 Political Advisor I am not politically inclined but I would like to point out that Tongas sidelined themselves through Upnd. Edgar had appointed several Tongas as cabinet ministers including the ministry of defence. These people were expelled from the Upnd and when they re contested their seats they lost. Further any elected Upnd official who as much as welcomed Edgar when he visited Southern Province was expelled from party. The best he did was to nominate MPs from these regions as provincial ministers. Even this did not go well with the Upnd… remember late Munkombwe resigned as SP minister saying IT’S OUR TIME and Hamukale resigned as soon as it was confirmed that Upnd had won the election. HH has no option but to include other tribes in his Government because he has many MPs…

  7. Malabishi…it’s results that count not activities….” recruitment of over 40,000 workers in the health and education sectors and free education, was firmly underway”” ….how the heck do you measure work in progress?

  8. Results? What results? Bullsh!t. Kwacha CONTINUES to depreciate, now K 18 to the dollar. Mealie meal prices UP. Fuel prices UP. Cooking oil prices UP. Transport prices UP. Inflation UP. And absolutely NOTHING has gone down, apart from the confidence in this indecisive amateurish government, which is only good in making empty promises!

  9. #5 continued…many MPs from outside Southern Province. There would be a rebellion in the party if he ignored these MPs. It’s simple common sense not rocket science. It’s better to tell the whole truth than just picking those parts which suit our agenda.


  11. This is the problem when there is nothing to write home about. You begin to highlight trivial issues and term them a success. Surely with this high cost of leaving, nepotism, chimbwi-no-plan decisions and all the vindictiveness, you can call it landmark achievements? Ba Kalunga, Chaimana still has spaces, get there pronto and seek healing.

  12. ” Promotion of a united and peaceful Zambia in which President Hakainde Hichilema has ensured that appointments to his Cabinet, are reflective of all the 10 provinces of the country.
    “Through this and other measures, the “One Zambia One Nation” motto that has bound us together since independence, is once again becoming a reality where all Zambians have an equal say and stake in the affairs of the country,” Mr. Kalunga said. Yes you read it right. That is the “NEW DAWN” govt for you. This govt is something else.

  13. You are part of the dethroned clique or tribal hegemonists who belive in a tribes superiority over the rest of zambia………

    Not with this GRZ…………..

    Only from good governance based on the rule of law , before economic benefits from the hard work kicks in , your type is no more………

    It’s a 5 year contract………….

    Mu kose bane , 5 years ni pa tali……….

  14. When I saw the headline I was expecting the list based on:
    1. Free education from grade 1 to University
    2. Exchange rate at k5 to the $
    3. Fuel at k5 per liter
    4. Fertilizer at K250
    5. Mealie meal at k50.
    For a government that has lied so much even the new promises that their making one needs to see to believe them. They are already in arrears with the so much talked about CDF.

  15. Yeah, scant minimums have been scratched. I hear fuel costs are skyrocketing! And so far, we’ve had arrests, yet nothing further heard. Arrests must be justified, & if found wanting, conviction and jail terms should follow. No looking away!

    Also, don’t overlook the police blocking a peaceful demonstration recently; this shouldn’t have happened on “Bally’s” watch – as promised! So, don’t sit on your laurels – more needs doing.

    #plant a tree please!

  16. Self deception at best.
    What achievements when people are mourning and burdened with high cost of living?
    Anyway, PF used to say the same things and the rest is history.

  17. Imagine your father boasting to the entire community that he’s bought you a shirt each time he buys a crimpline T shirt.

  18. UPND achievements in only Seven Months
    1 Opened a carpark at Mass Media complex
    2 Discovered there was no medicine in hospitals
    3 Allowed mining in Lower Zambezi
    4 Allowed ex President Lungu to attend Banda’s funeral
    5 Removed vendors from Cairo Road
    6 President gave the most boring opening speech to parliament
    7 Retired noise maker ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba

  19. Iwe Kachingwe what about allowing Kopala youth to go toil on toxic waste mountain while knowing Zambia has no cancer treatment hospital?
    I think 6 is a real landmark achievement.

  20. Infact these are scored as they have met thier SMART objectives of promises.What more score do you want mewbantu.

  21. At Spaka dethroned clique huh? The same tribal clique helped your tribalist president to ascend to power. We are watching and be rest assured that me and my clan will not vote for your president in 2026.

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