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UK Minister for Africa Vicky Ford to visit Zambia


UK’s Minister for Africa Vicky Ford will visit Zambia from 5 to 7 April 2022 to continue building the modern partnership between the UK and Zambia.

Whilst in Zambia she will meet with key government and business stakeholders to showcase the two countries’ collaboration on areas of mutual interest such as girls’ education, illegal wildlife trade (IWT), and the cooperation between the UK and Zambia on international issues, including the global response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Her visit will also include the launch of British Investment International (BII) in Zambia.

BII is the new British development finance institution that will invest billions in infrastructure and technology in low and middle income countries across Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Minister Ford will be accompanied by BII CEO Nick O’Donoghue for parts of her visit.

This will be Minister Ford’s first visit to Zambia since her appointment as Minister for Africa.

During her visit, she will pay a condolence visit to Mrs Banda, 4th President Rupiah Banda’s widow.

She will also visit projects which support Zambia’s efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, remove the barriers preventing access to education for girls, and improve access to nutrition and health support in rural areas.

Minister Ford will also meet representatives from Zambia’s business community, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stanley Kakubo, and the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Minister Ford, MP said, “I’m delighted to be coming to Zambia to see how the UK is working with President Hichilema’s government to support its development and economic objectives, and to foster cooperation between our countries on international issues where we have shared values and principles.”

“Millions of Zambians resolutely defended their right to determine their own future in their elections last year. At a time when fundamental human rights and freedoms across the globe are under a more severe threat than we have seen for years, the example set by Zambia gives us all strength that democracy will prevail. We also know that rebuilding the economy and providing education and opportunities for all, will require time and patience, but I can promise that the UK stands ready to support in these vital endeavours.”

“This is my first visit to Zambia, but it builds on the visits to Zambia by my predecessor as Minister for Africa, and the successful meetings I had with President Hichilema and Foreign Minister Kakubo in London last year. I’m looking forward to meeting them again and to continue building on the strong bonds between our countries.”
The visit to Zambia is part of a regional visit by Minister Ford and includes visits to Tanzania and Malawi.”


  1. The only thing she is really coming for is to ensure Zambia sides with the West over the Ukraine War which they are partly responsible for because of NATO expansion towards Russian borders. They don’t want us being tempted to buy cheap Russian oil like India and China who have put their people and economies first and are buying Russian cheap oil in bulk and have resisted calls to stop. Countries like Zambia that treat the West like Masters are instead punishing their people by condemning Russia at the expense of taking advantage of its cheap oil and helping its people. Tell her it is not our war and we are always neutral. These Europeans are warmongers. Keep us out of it

  2. The UK is building new partnerships after leaving the EU. Zambia should take advantage of this development and open new business frontiers with the UK. There are many Zambians living in the UK from whom we can get info about market trends, when it come to consumer goods. I hope these guys won’t end at requesting the UK to help them get an IMF loan. Prepare a list of proposals you can make for Zambian businesses. If we improve our facilities we can even propose to nurse aged British pensioners here so that our experienced Mrs CK can do it from Luanshya instead of the UK.

  3. I remember Linda Chalker. Since we’re expanding our cabinet why don’t we also create the ministry of UK affairs.

  4. She is coming to check up on her slave boy hh. Chisuma by the way. Eh size iyi. Although preference yandi ni blackberry

  5. Why do they have such such Ministry……UK Ministry for Africa….useless’s about time they leave Africa alone

  6. coming to get raw materials after going thru real pain after sanctioning Russia.Try to visit the puppet who gives them mines tax holiday.

  7. Having presidents like HH in Africa is shame.they have inferiority complex and believe whatever a white man tells him.These chaps have colonised us and we need to free from these criminal. Africa should stand on it’s own.

  8. Well & good. If the venture is truly bilateral ? & not to gain more advantages to their benefit, then seriously engage her on their unfair visa refusals for Zambians wanting to visit families in the UK. They refuse people visas on frivolous grounds, yet keep the money! It’s a shameless money-churning machine most Zambians cannot keep feeding with hard earned cash. Any business lauding itself for ethical practices would return at least half the money. If indeed we are doing business, hire our numerous doctors and nurses on 5yr contracts. Buy Zambian Mangos and Avocados etc. The list is not exhaustive!

    #plant a tree please.

  9. The imperialist are so ruthless …it’s about time we chased them from Africa useless kantssss…..they’ve destroyed Russia because of greedy… they still want to control Africa….this lady will never be allowed to visit Rwanda and am sure Kagame doesn’t even recognize her or her stupiddd ministry

  10. When IDC, Industrial Development Corporation was formed in 2014, it received negative sentiments especially from capitalist UPND: that INDECO is reborn; that government does not have to do business. Today they are mute about it.
    In 1948, the Colonial Development Corporation CDC was formed by Britain. Colonialism died, it then became Commonwealth Development Corporation, CDC
    The British Investment International (BII) is the rebrande CDC shading its old skin which the Hon. Vicky Ford is coming to launch. (Do good without losing money)
    I hope INDECO and BII will work together for economic and social development of both UK and ZED.

  11. PF Cadres, lolo and look at the bigger picture beyond cadreism, Russia the largest producer of grain for Europe has been sanctioned,atleast for the next 15years.Therefore, if you think like the way HH thinks,during these 15years ,the entire Europe is looking to Africa to fill in this gap. Just agriculture alone,not even the whole agriculture but jst grain alone(Wheat,Barley etc) can Make Zambia a rich country cos there is a ready market and that market is desperate. They need Oil,Copper,Grain like yesterday.All these things accept Oil Zambia can exploit,

  12. They are considering other countries too but other African countries dont speak English and there is war there or Dictatorship. Zimbabwe speaks english but you all know the whole story with ZANU PF there(England keep yo England), Malawi speaks English but they are tiny & non productive-too docile. South Africa speaks English in white communities only and the Blacks there are Backward & Ancient(very hostile environment for any business-same as war torn countries),and Botswana is nothing but a desert. While Zambia has almost it all,Friendly GRZ,friendly people, peace and natural resources and vast Agricultural land.

  13. The commentary I hv seen suggets that the solution to our challenges is to withdraw from the world but it does not suggest where we should go. If there’s an alternative to engaging with the world, by all means exploit it, will you? This is uninformed commentary which does not even suggest wht we should do and is therefore unhelpful.

  14. @Nostradus: Does America getting funding from England to fund their Budget? Does America Ask for grants? Does America print their Ballot paper in the UK? Are American Shopping malls and national roads built by England? Does America get funding for its wild life from the UK? Has America defaulted on its debt?

  15. If your answer is no then they are self sufficient and they dont need a minister of America from England. This is only applies to countries that cant manage themselves and are still reliant on grants, funding and lucky capacity to invest in their own resources – including the inportation of toothpicks.

  16. Minerals also include the young black male who are bought and used as s.e.x objects by the superior whlte masters. This trade is happening in countries like gambia

  17. We are aware that under5 government signed non sense of homosexuality lesbianism and gay rights…She is coming to check the progress…over the same… Families are in trouble..

  18. David kaunda you know the truth.

    These old whlte women are the reason the likes of spaka and tarino are abroad. They marry fossils for visas to stay there abroad.

  19. We need oversight of the other continents and countries that have Ministries dedicated to our continent or country. What stops us from doing this? What these erstwhile, small, colonial countries do is they put you on their radar and monitor what moves they can be ahead of in a potentially very destructive way. I am open to offer free consultancy.

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