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MoUs with Rwanda hailed as key to Zambia’s access into the East African Market


The Global Entrepreneurship Network Zambia ( GENZ ) has commended President Hakainde Hichilema and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame for timely signing the seven Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two countries which took place in Livingstone yesterday.

GEN Zambia acting managing director Edwin Zulu says the MOU is key as it builds on his organisation’s vision of turning Zambia into the African Regional Global agriculture and food production, investment and trade hub.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Zulu noted that the MOUs lays a critical foundation as it will help Zambia use Rwanda as a key trade node into the East African Market adding that at the same time it will make Rwanda the East African Regional Hub.

“ Rwanda annually make about 180 million United States Dollars in tea and coffee hence providing a huge opportunity for Zambia to tap knowledge, ‘ he said.

Rwanda is now a leader of cotton and textiles value chains adding that Zambia has a huge opportunity to explore strategic partnerships.

He said that fisheries and livestock development and the manufacturing of annual feeds is also timely as GEN Zambia and the ministry of Small Scale and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) had a fruitful meeting on the same.

He has since advised the Zambian government to partner with Rwanda on issues to do with Smart Africa Initiative which is now Smart Zambia and relearn more on e-Governance as Rwanda is the champion of the Smart Africa Initiative.

Mr. Zulu further stated that the other critical area is to promote youth with professional exchange programs between Rwanda and Zambia especially on how Rwanda is using the development of the New Cities as key regional economic development strategy.

He added that there is also an urgent need for the Zambian government to have a special agreement on the aspects of e-Governance as a key strategy to avoid budget misuses and misappropriation.

Rwanda and Zambia today signed seven Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to further enhance ties and integration between the two countries.

The MoUs were signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakuko on behalf of Zambia and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Vincent Bituta signed on behalf of Rwanda.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema .


  1. Access to East African market? But most foods have import or export bans! So what do you want to trade in? Those 7 MoU’s are in favour of Rwanda and its cunning leader – NOT US ZAMBIANS!

  2. Good news that Rwandan and Zambian leaders signed MOUs that may open a market for Zambia’s agricultural products to the Great Lakes Region. President Kagame’s visit to Kazungula Bridge will impart wisdom on UPND leaders. Prior to the Aug. 2021 Elections, UPND mounted a mocking project against the PF Govt when President ECL worked hard to source funds to complete the construction of the Kazungula Bridge, a vital project now driving the economy in the SADC Region. Alas, the UPND Govt has swallowed its pride by show-casing the Kazungula Bridge to President Kagame. HH must pick up projects initiated by the PF Govt to (1) build a bridge across Luapula R. to link up with Congo DR and (2) rehabilitate Solwezi-Mwinilunga Rd and complete construction of the road up to Ijimbe border close to…

  3. HH must pick up projects initiated by the PF Govt to (1) build a bridge across Luapula R. to link up with Congo DR and (2) rehabilitate Solwezi-Mwinilunga Rd and complete construction of the road up to Ijimbe border close to Angola’s Benguela rail system whilst international good-will is still on our side. (3) Govt can engage CBU’s School of Built Environment graduates of Architects & Town Planners to develop Kazungula into a new Town. (4) Beans is a staple food in Rwanda and hence Lundazi and Solwezi can export this grain to Rwanda and Burundi. (5) Revive the Coffee Estate in Kasama and growing of tobacco in Choma, Kalomo, Zimba, Kabwe and Chipata for export. These are issues that matter to Zambians.

  4. Building bridges between nations is better not those that built castles in the air. For new Dawn govt everything is being done in the open.

  5. Another f00Iish upnd praise singing cadre who has no idea what he talking about.

    I bought a dog last week which has turned out to be problematic. Steals food and very crooked. I have named it HH

  6. Reading this article sounds like a cover-up for something.

    The war in Ukraine is going to change the way we do things. No mention of that.

    Zambian constitutions are for the educated to make all the mistakes they want and get away with it. If it was, somebody else will be disqualified even if they have good judgment.

    From the beginning this UPND administration is a blunder after blunder

    GRZ What’s going on?

  7. The defunct Zambia Ceramic Ltd used to depend on the Rwandese market for its sanitary ware. Rwanda was the single most importer of ceramic products from Zambia. We lost that market with the collapse of the Kitwe domiciled Company. It’s good that we’re now trying to revive our business relationship but it seems those in charge don’t know what’s good for Zambia. They’re looking to Rwanda to help Zambia because that’s the current UPND foreign policy. We’e supposed to look at what Rwanda requires from us so that we dominate that market. Most of the GRZ officials that visit Rwanda go to admire how beautiful Kigali is, compared to Lusaka, but they also carry mwana apeluke for their other activities. How can we develop?

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