Monday, April 15, 2024

Share ideas that will improve economy- Chitimukulu


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has urged Zambians to suggest ideas that will improve the country’s economic status, unlike condemning the government.

The Paramount Chief cited some challenges being experienced in the world such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine as some aspects that are destabilizing the global economy.

He noted that the increase in commodity prices has affected the whole world and cannot be blamed on the government.

The Paramount Chief was speaking when the United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary-General Batuke Imenda paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Mungwi district.

Chief Chitimukulu commended the new dawn administration for making strides in improving the welfare of people by introducing policies such as free education.

And Chief Nkweto of Chinsali district in Muchinga Province said the provision of free education by the government will allow every parent to send their children to school.

Chief Nkweto also asked Zambians to give President Hakainde Hichilema time as he focuses on the economic transformation agenda.

And Mr. Imenda pledged the Party’s commitment to work with traditional leaders to improve people’s livelihood.

He appealed to the Paramount Chief to help government by explaining policies to his subjects as the President is working hard to improve the economy.


  1. Now you are speaking like a senior chief for all people………

    Not a PF cader………..

    You have not condemned the opposition like in the past…………

    but advised everybody to help grow the economy……….

  2. Look this chief not even ashamed..hope you have learned your lessons not to endorse Politicans.

  3. It’s a timely call but unfortunately as Zambians we have vested our hopes in politicians who are mostly scavengers ready to feast even on the dead. Most politicians want to outdo each other and show the people that they’re better than the other. This has caused them to always find faults in others even when they themselves have nothing to offer. As a result, those in charge also seal their ears and think that when they listen to what others are saying then they have no wisdom. This pull and push just affects the helpless majority. Please heed this call by Mwine Lubemba. We’ll quarrel when the campaign period begins, for now it’s eyes on the ball

  4. Can’t believe this, is this the same SOSALA from past yes that has been writing articles on LT??! Quite a dramatic shift, and sounds like a Leader talking now.
    To all PF bembas, if you have not been able to swallow the facts from this GRZ and its sympathizers, this is your opportunity to take it from your crown leader – Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

  5. Kanabesa. You must drive your people for development. Your province is still lagging behind in Development.
    You have very good rains and exellent natural resources. Chishimba falls are a marvel to watch. But poorly advertised. Your friend Chief Mukuni us miles ahead. It takes great effort to bring Kagame to view the Victoria falls …thats marketing. You have the Kalambo falls but poorly marketed. What happened to the Northern Circuit tourism potential? You and your people need to think differently to develop Northern Province.

  6. Nkandu Luo disrespected you and conived with Sata to banish you the palace. You went ahead and annointed her to be the Vice President of this country which she lamentably failed. What were you thinking?

  7. Clever Chief, just eat with them, Pretend defending there failures when you know that they are useless. Eat and Eat and until 2026. I also do the same but my heart is very far. How they get pleased.

  8. Isnt this the ka Chief that few months ago was a stount PF vuvuzela? Thats why i always said there is no way in life i will fail to succeed or be rich,cos if a whole chief can inferiorate himself like this,it means i can do better.

  9. @ 5 – Sorry, but I must disagree with you over Victoria falls. Anyone who knows anything about Africa, will know Victoria falls and its majesty – nothing to do with persuasion by Chief Mukuni’s so called ‘marketing’ – if anything, it’s the South African tourist fraternity who heavily advertise the falls – linking it to their package holidays! And, can people stop biting the Chiti Mukulu’s head for giving advise? It’s right that he can, and should share his thoughts over matters affecting the nation. It’s within his right; but wrong for people to read conspiracies into everything he says. In any case, he wasn’t the one going to seek audience in Lusaka – officials visited him and was drawn into a conversation to which he contributed his views. Nothing sinister there. Let’s be…

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