Roan MP pledges completion of Luanshya Youth Resource Centre

Some old mine Township houses in Luanshya's Roan Constituency

Roan Constituency Member of Parliament, Joel Chibuye says the upscaled constituency development fund (CDF) to K25. 7 million will help him attend to the main challenges in his constituency.

And Mr.Chibuye says he will ensure that Luanshya Youth Resource Centre whose initial works started in 2015 is completed using CDF funds in the fourth quarter of 2022.

He says the Luanshya Youth Resource Centre once complete, will enable a lot of young people not only in Roan Constituency but the whole country to acquire entrepreneurial skills.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chibuye added that he will also ensure the CDF funds are used to address the various social-economic challenges the area has been grappling with for many years.

Mr. Chibuye has since commended the government for increasing the CDF and ensuring that people are given the powers to decide on which projects should the funds be spent on.

“I’m glad that we have the youth resource center whose works have stalled. With the increase in CDF funds I’m determined as MP to ensure that it is completed,” Mr. Chibuye says.

He further said there are so many youths roaming the streets of the once vibrant mining town whom he said should be recruited at the centre.

Mr. Chibuye says by recruiting and equipping many young people with skills, the country will be reducing the levels of delinquency on the streets.

Construction of the Luanshya Youth Resource Centre commenced in 2015 and the government injected K 10.5 million in the project with a view to impact skills in young people.

Works had stalled at 75 percent completion due to non-availability of funds.


  1. What do youth resource centres do? Yes, it will probably be completed this time but to what end? Are we capable of being self-critical of the way we spend scarce public money?

    “Works had stalled at 75 percent completion due to non-availability of funds”. ??
    The Picture doesnt reflect that ! Grass and a few blocks
    Either LT poor posting as usual or you are hallucinating
    Come back here when its finished

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