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Chipoka urges Zambian companies to establish joint ventures with Angolans


Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga has called on the business community to take advantage of the conducive environment that the government has provided.

Mr. Chipoka said the government has put in place good policies that favor the growth of the private sector.

ZANIS reports that the Minister said this during a Zambia business forum held along the side lines of the Zambia Bilateral Ministerial meeting held in Luanda, Angola yesterday.

Mr. Chipoka has urged the two countries to work together to enhance the Zambia-Angola economic relations and foster long lasting partnerships between the two countries.

“Through events such as this , we are able to enhance trade and investment relations, facilitate exchange of ideas and opportunities that exist between our two countries “, he said.

Mr. Chipoka said Zambia and Angola share strong bilateral ties since time immemorial and that the relationship is constantly being broadened and deepened through active cooperation in the political, economic and social fields.

The minister said the warm and cordial relationship between the two countries is evidenced by the frequency of high-level interactions at both government and business.

“The governments of Zambia and Angola have held various Joint Permanent Commissions aimed at fostering trade and economic relations with the view of enhancing economic and trade relations between the two countries. In order to deepen the cooperation between the two countries, Zambia and Angola decided to sign a Bilateral Trade Agreement in 2016”, he said.

Mr. Chipoka commended the government of Angola and its people for organizing and hosting the Business Forum.

“The Business Forum has provided an opportunity to Zambian companies to establish joint venture partnerships, explore business linkages with the Angolan business community. This is in the spirit of implementing some commitments of our Bilateral Trade Agreement that seeks to enhance trade between our two neighboring countries”, he said.

He stated that Angola will continue to be an important partner to Zambia in terms of trade and general economic cooperation, especially that the two countries share geographical borders.

Angolan Minister of Industry and Commerce Victor Fernandez pledged to support the implementation of the bilateral trade agreement signed between the two countries.

He said there is a need to enhance trade exchange between the countries and maximize the benefits.

“Even if Angola and Zambia are neighbours, they do not engage in trade that much. There is great potential for the two countries to collaborate and enhance trade for the benefit of the two countries”, he added.

He called on the business communities in both countries to see how best they can invest in various sectors of the economy for the benefit of the two people.

And speaking on behalf of the business community, SEEDCO Managing Director Guntila Muleya commended the two governments for organizing the Business Forum and pledged to actualise the enhancement of commerce, trade and industry between the two countries.

Mr. Muleya stated that there are numerous business opportunities that exist between Zambia and Angola that need to be exploited in order to contribute to national and economic growth.


  1. Angola offers great investment opportunities for Zambian agricultural firms. Zambia is more advanced in commercial and emergent agriculture. Zambia can buy some of the Angolan oil. Angola should upgrade its facilities at Lobito bay. The frequent occurrences of Force majeures at the port of Durban should be a wake up call for diversification export exit ports for Zambia and other Southern African countries.

  2. This man is just reading speeches ….who is going to help with the language barrier…what is your ministry doing about it?

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