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President Hakainde Hichilema labels his fierce critic Nakacinda as a Lunatic

Headlines President Hakainde Hichilema labels his fierce critic Nakacinda as a Lunatic

President Hakainde Hichilema has called his fierce critic and Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee Raphael Nakacinda a lunatic.

President Hichilema has charged that Mr. Nakacinda was spreading hate speech that can put the nation on fire. The Head of State predicted that Mr. Nakacinda may get beaten for issuing statements bordering on tribal. Mr. Nakacinda was recently quoted in the media issuing tribal remarks against the Tongas. President Hichilema said Mr. Nakacinda’s tribal remarks are injuring many people.

“Lying is lying by any means. It must be stopped. It is illegal. It can inflame a country. I can tell you what Nakacinda is trying to do. Nakacinda want to pit one section of Zambians against another. That is what he wants to do. That is what he wants to do but we should not allow him to do that. We shouldn’t. If we fall in his trap then we are like him, I am not like him, you should not be like him. That is why he is trying to do what they did before the elections. ‘Oh a Tonga will never rule’. It is not a Tonga we want, it is a citizen we want who will work for the people of Zambia,” he said.

“Now what he wants is for people to rise, I have listened to an audio of someone called him, called Nakacinda and this guy says I am from Bweengwa, why are you insulting us from Bwengwa? Now, I am sure you can read what is going on in the minds of people. One day they will find him and attack him. We should not allow that to happen those who are injured to calm down. He is a lunatic trying to destroy a country. He is just a lunatic; we are bigger than that so Jonah (Journalist) let’s talk away from the press conference,” President Hichilema remarked.

Meanwhile, Police have arrested Mr. Nakacinda in connection with a complaint from Bruce Kanema against him on allegations that he promoted hate speech against the Tonga speaking people.

“Police have apprehended Raphael Nakachinda aged 43.This is in connection to a matter where we received a complaint from Bruce Kanema against him on allegations that he promoted hate speech against the Tonga speaking people and is further alleged to have defamed the Republican President in a video that has been widely circulated. Two dockets of the case have since been opened,” Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed in a media statement.

Meanwhile, PF acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa has condemned the arrest of Mr. Nakacinda, whom police have transferred from Kafue where he was picked to Solwezi.

“The arrest of Hon. Raphael Nakacinda for merely expressing himself is an assault on Zambia’s democracy and a wanton abuse of power by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his Government.This draconian abuse of power must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians who love and cherish our hard-fought democracy. Since coming into office, the UPND have been using the police and other law enforcement agencies to silence all opposing voices. They want to turn this country into a one-party dictatorship were all Zambians must be turned into praise singers for Mr. Hichilema,” Mr. Chilangwa stated.

“It is ironic that such intolerant behaviour is coming from a man who spent all his time insulting and demeaning heads of state while in opposition.We are calling upon the Church, Civil Society Organisations, Human Rights Groups as well as regional and international governance bodies to take this government to task before Zambia is lost into total dictatorship,” he said.


  1. Isn’t someone being petty here? Isn’t someone promoting violence here? Very soon cadres may attack the DPP or Nakachinda. The message is very clear to the likes of Mwaliteta

  2. To unleash the Police and UPND cadres on your opponents won’t help you govern. I advised you to grow thick skin. You called MCS as CNP, your sponsored media the Watchdog promoted so much hate speech and it’s by blood that your Party ascended to power. The UPND has been the most violent political Party since you took over. Whom haven’t they fought, whom haven’t they insulted? Reda their posts on their platforms


  4. If people go around flashing money in bars…..

    And the police warn people that uou may be attacked by theives…….

    Is that inviting theives to attack people ????

    The president is right. Nakachinda is daring people to attack him…….

    He needs a very good beating in my opinion

  5. #4 Spaka so you beat up Nachikanda, what next? Weren’t the PF gangsters beating up people insulting Lungu? Did the beatings solve the problem. When you react to a nickname, it will stick because that’s what those who gave the nickname want. If you ignore it they will stop. By the way how many insults did HH pour insults on previous leaderships including calling Dr Scott some racist name? What is good for the goose is good for the gander so goes the saying.

  6. People like Nakacinda have nothing to do and are surviving on spreading lies. This is a new way of Zambian politics. We moved from cadreism to politics of social media insults and spreading false hood and people get paid for it. People like Chilufya live in mansions and send kids to school on the same lines and Nakacinda is copying. These guys are paid for all this by big PF guys who stole money. This is the formula PF used to use on opposition and have continued with it in the opposition. Nakacinda is nothing politically. He is a social media politicians like Chilufya and paid to spread false hood.

  7. While we appreciate that the opposition is there to provide checks and balances to the Government in power, there are should some levels of civility in the manner we criticize the seating Government. There is need for objectivity and it should be based on facts and not out of jealous and mere envy. The statements by Hon. Nakachinda are inflammable and should not be tolerated by any well meaning citizens. The man sounds bitter and its like he had a rough childhood which molded him into what he is today. Surely, he is simply a lunatic.

  8. Even mentioning his name will make Nakacinda feel proud. Don’t even waste one second of your valuable time thinking about anybody in PF. Not worth it!

  9. HH7 missed an opportunity to reshuffle his cabinet here I mean you literally have an empty suit in Ministry of Information, if you are really scared of falsehoods as you call them this is the first place you should have made changes and mentioning names of people like Nakacinda as a Head of State does not help matters esspecially that someone is in Police custody infact it gives them another reason to state that you are issuing instructions to Police Command.

  10. Tarino kasanda refused your advances. Just like hh you are emotionally upset and continue attacking a woman. You want your ugly father to be appointed in her position? Go and touch yourself cause that is closest you ever get to her

  11. #5  Deja Vu April
    26, 2022 At 8:01 am

    “#4 Spaka…so you beat Nachikanda so where does that take you…”

     I can guarantee you, kakachinda will be severely beaten by aggrieved citizens……….

    The police can’t be everywhere protecting him………

    You can’t keep insulting people and expect peace on yourself………

    Violence is not right , but looks like nakachinda is crying out to be attacked……

  12. While I have never agreed the style running public by the former ruling PF I don’t think its right for leaders to insulting each other and you call that democracy. Ba Hon. Nickson Chilwangwa I thought you are of the sober people remaining in PF fighting hard to rebrand the Party. Oh I had wrong impression you are one of the guys sponsoring Raphael Nakachinda to be insulting day in day out. Lets practice clean politics meant to grow the economy so that the right time we shall benefit. This Tonga talk when is it going to end. Last time it was Kachema will never rule this country now its water under the bridge, we cant really stop the nonsense 8 months down the line.

  13. Let Nakachinda just criticize the president but don’t mention bweengwa and the Tongas
    As this will provoke the Tonga people.

  14. Calling someone a lunatic is an absolute pathological lie from the so called head of state. Now if Rapha is to behave like irrational h², let Rapha sue h² so that he provide a doctor who screened Rapha and certified him lunatic.
    This president is distraught. Frustrated that his can’t convict anyone yet.

  15. #12 Yes you can beat, I repeat where will that take you. Didn’t PF do that and isn’t Kajoba hounding them. So you want in 2026 Liteta and company to be hounded?

  16. I fully support free speech. I am however, wondering how tribe comes in the issue. I would have thought he singled out the President and called him incompetent…. Supporting Nakachinda on this matter is just hypocrisy.

  17. UPND is on course, PF are just noise makers. They failed lamentably when they were in power as evidenced by the massive vote out in August 2021, cage the tribal chap, we want unity in this country, we should differ but not on tribe, and somebody surprisingly says it is freedom of speech

  18. @Spark 12 @Moto 13. Indeed, Nakachinda is in cells, transit to jail for his own good safety and protection. Zambians are upset with his trbal rantings.
    @Deja Vu imagine PF campaigning in Bweengwa, let alone in Southern province as a whole. What will you expect?

  19. We told you PF cadres,I personally warned you, Iam Tonga myself and i know what i was warning you about. You Bembas get angry everyday and forgive everyday-Tongas dont angry everyday,they get angry once in their lifetime. I just hope that you will be left with your shoes on, when this anger has gone away. War in Zambia can come from Eastern,Northern or Western province.But the real war can only come from Southern Province. Including also Real peace only comes from Southern Province-Read your history(KK only become president cause a Tonga personally handed him the presidency,for unit) Imagine if they were both Bembas(ahhahah)? A splitter UNIP wud ve formed & hence fighting starts just like the Lozi are still fighting to be free from Zambia. Trust a Tonga leader,Believe in a Tonga leader -…

    • There is no difference between Nakachinda and you. Your likes will cause Rwanda in Zambia. You keep referring to people from Luapula and Northern Provinces as Kasais thus trying to paint them as foreigners forgetting that you share that Congolese history too. LT should ban you

  20. If you want Zambia to remain at peace, very easy. Even if i was Bemba or Eastern etc. I would never in my lifetime forget this fact that: Real peace in Zambia comes from Southern Province. Which means even real war in Zambia can also come from there. I woundnt be stupid to overlook that fact. Further the Tongas did not just hand KK the presidency but they sold chickens and goats to raise money for negotiations in London-again Independence was born there-N’gombe iLede. And the rest was history-Remember Kalomo as the first Capital City,followed by Livingstone then Lusaka. So im not boasting cos im from there, but even if i was Northerner(Congole-jocking guys) i wud still credit this truth just like i credit CB for Copper which is our mainstay.

  21. The problem is the head of state attacking citizens and inciting violence against them. That’s not right.
    Iam certainly not for insults, but that’s why courts exist. Simply have him arrested and taken to court. That’s the law
    What if, God forbid, Nakachinda is beaten and dies at the Hands of upnd cadres? It will become a serious human rights issue and dent the image of our country.
    Do we want that?
    I would personally urge our president to ignore some of these people and simply get on with the business of gorvening. It’s both for his good and that of the country.

  22. #25 Isaachar That’s the point people are missing. Suppose Nakachinda is killed in Namwala what will the people think of Namwala residents? Simply arrest him and take him to court instead of being so sensantionally careless.

  23. He is a cheap genocide inclined political pimp and he must be stopped from his plans and that of his evil sponsors. when people fought ECL, they never ignited hate against his ethnic group.

  24. That is not the way a head of state addresses such issues. HH is advocating violence. If Nakachinda is assaulted it will be HH to blame.
    The Head of State predicted that Mr. Nakacinda may get beaten . When you have power there is no “may get beaten” That should be translated as “I order my cadres to beat up Nakachinda”

  25. Kaizar Zulu. A former clinical officer who turned a millionair through corruption because his coning vriends were occupying the State House gassing innocent Zambians must shut up or go back to Malawi. To insult his fellow Malawians.

  26. EEEh, Ooh So, KZ is Malawian, thought is a Zezulu from Zimbabwe, falsely claim is related to thi nani uyu Munire Zulu. Him we have impecable evidence his parents came from Malawi. He cant even dare refute it.

  27. This Nakachinda who is causing so much distress amongst Zambians and the presidency, which part of the Tonga expanse does he come from. which chiefdom? Many of the Zambians are sick and tired of tribal talk but it keeps surfacing at every turn. I have my doubts if Nakachinda is really a Tonga for insults are not stylish when dealing with serious issues affecting a community or family, something true across ethnicities, but here comes Nakachinda with his brand of “politicking” and “checks and balances,” He is alien!

  28. @Fu Manchu I agree with you. He is so old fashioned he thinks it is intelligent to stereotype people. I dont think people have a Tonga character, a Bemba character a Ngoni trait. People just hide in those superficial identities. Basically they are people-like everybody else.

  29. It looks like HH wasn’t listening when Bemba King Chitimukulu gave him some free advise just recently.

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