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Rueben Lifuka urge UPN to develop a comprehensive strategy in the fight against corruption

General News Rueben Lifuka urge UPN to develop a comprehensive strategy in the fight...

Governance Activist Rueben Lifuka has implored the UPND Administration to develop a comprehensive strategy in the fight against corruption.

Mr Lifuka says part of this strategy should include rebuilding confidence in the entire anti-corruption establishment.

In an interview with Hot FM News, Mr Lifuka said currently, there is very low public trust in the anti-corruption establishment. Mr Lifuka says previous administrations have offered lip service to the fight against corruption, saying the UPND needs to demonstrate that it will not fall into the same trap.

He said in the absence of corresponding actions to address the corruption problem, the UPND administration risk being written off by Zambians that they too are just offering lip service to the corruption fight.


  1. Very important recommendation. The Institute of Directors should also come to the conversation and promote integrity and corporate governance among state and non-state actors

  2. Much as we appreciate the efforts to bring to book those who stole in the past it is more important to bring to book today rather than wait for the next Government to arraign them. A confined fight won’t eradicate the corruption that we face in this country.

  3. The current way of combating corruption suggests that a certain community House and hotel in Livingston will definitely be repossessed with change of government as proceeds of crime in a tit for tat retaliation manner. What goes round always comes round. It’s best that investigative wings do a thorough investigation of cases with evidence that can be prosecuted successfully in a court of law instead of the current quick fix manner. If it’s just a question of repossessing property suspected to be proceeds of Crime then Zambia police can do that job. DEC and ACC can therefore be disbanded because they are just a waste of resources if its just a question of repossessing people’s property.

  4. HH and Americans are correct, because both parties are not planning to attack any country, Therefore, PF should stop twisting issues for which it lacks knowledge and correct understanding. On this particular matter, PF is simply informing us about its misunderstood fears and impossible expectations. Most Zambians are not stupid and, they understand the country’s most important interests and worries. Hence, in my thesis, I reveal that PF should stop lecturing HH and UPND on irrelevant issues which are dead on arrival. Add substance to any thesis and weigh your contributions before uttering anything. PF must realise that each time its officials say something, the image of the party is dented by uncoordinated thoughts and lack of critical reasoning.

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