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President Hichilema Expected to provide a clear timeline for Access to Information Bill tomorrow

Headlines President Hichilema Expected to provide a clear timeline for Access to ...

Media players have expressed enthusiasm ahead of the Media Indaba that is expected to be graced by President Hakainde Hichilema tomorrow May 4, 2022, at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

Media Network and Child Rights Development Executive Director, Henry Kabwe, said he is expecting the President to provide a clear timeline concerning the enactment of the Zambia Media Council Bill and Information Bill.

Mr. Kabwe explained that it was long overdue for the media to be given access to information.

He noted that the Information Bill was supposed to be passed even before increasing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) so that people are able to monitor the use of funds.

Mr. Kabwe is happy that President Hichilema has shown commitment towards the media fraternity.

“The President has said very progressive things about these issues and we hope that he will stand by his word as promised because we have listened to so many speeches by Ministers and Presidents in the past but nothing has been achieved,” Mr. Kabwe said.

Meanwhile, Media Liaison Committee Chairperson, Enock Ngoma, said the Indaba will be an opportunity for the media industry to present issues affecting media personnel to the President.

Mr. Ngoma disclosed that media bodies have been engaged in lobbying for a good working environment.

He observed that no progress has been made concerning the bills, which he said was one of the important issues requiring to be addressed.

“We have organised a stakeholder’s media conference with President Hichilema where we as the media are going to give the President all the challenges that the fraternity is facing,” Mr. Ngoma noted.

And a Journalist, Nkombo Kachemba, said the media will be given an opportunity to have an interface with the President.

Ms. Kachemba has since called on the media representatives that will attend the indaba to use the opportunity to highlight the challenges faced in the industry.

She is hopeful that issues such as poor working conditions, low salaries and poor working environment will be aired out so that solutions can be found.


  1. What time frame? This thing has been on the table for decades. In campaigns opposition parties have been pushing for it…. now they are in office… kaya.

  2. Iam just looking forward to mealie meal price to be at K 50.00 , fertilizer at K 250.00, fuel at K 5 per liter, cost of doing business to be low, cost of living to be low, the tu ma small packs of cooking oil to end, selling of the presidential jet and the money given to students….

  3. Ugly f00I, probably resembles his fellow tonga tribal cheekala blogger Jonathan mutware.

  4. @David Kaunda Keep looking forward, it will be done……kikiki Pun intended.

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