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Zambia and Namibian Govt to sign MOU for gas, oil pipeline construction


The Zambian and Namibian governments are next month expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a Gas and Oil pipeline from Windhoek into Lusaka.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala disclosed this when he paid a courtesy call on Siavonga District Commissioner Geoffrey Jakopo at his office.

Mr.Kapala said the oil pipeline will help reduce the cost of petroleum products in the country.

He disclosed that the project, which is expected to take three to four years to be complete, will have its main gas and oil power station in Lusaka.

Mr. Kapala has also called for the prudent management of water resources following the poor rainfall recorded this year.

Mr.Kapala said the rainfall pattern did not perform as expected and this could result in the Kariba Dam recording water levels three meters lower than last year.

He, however, said the government is keen in ensuring that the resource is well managed so that it does not affect the production of electricity.

“We will ensure that we engage Zimbabwe on how well we can manage the resource equitably because if we do not do so this could cost hydro power production.” he said.

Meanwhile, Siavonga Member of Parliament Darius Mulunda has called on the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) through the office of the Energy Minister to help connect the villages to electricity.

Mr.Mulunda said it is sad to note that while Siavonga District houses the biggest power station in the country, many rural households are not electrified.

“When the Lake Kariba Dam was being built, one of the things promised to those who were displaced from the lake area was electricity in their homes, but up to now that commitment has not been actualized,” he said

The Siavonga lawmaker also called on the minister to engage ZESCO on the lighting of the central business district.

He said the district needs street lighting and this can only be achieved if ZESCO could come on board and provide lighting at no cost.



  1. Please open up development in other provinces. Lusaka is already congested. It will be cheaper for the pipeline to anchor in Western Province and build the gas power there. Start decongesting Lusaka.

  2. We need to know the economic benefits of this pipeline in relation to the TAZAMA line.
    Wouldn’t it be prudent to upgarde the Tazama line? Threre was another suggestion of a pipeline from Angola to Zambia. What would be the mist economical pipeline?

  3. Is the Tazama Pipeline completely obsolate? if not why should we wait for fours years when the one we already have can be renovated in sections whilst proving us with the much needed petroleum products. This is information that should be shared as we talk about new projects while abandoning already existing infrastructure.

  4. Five years from now we will have a 1000 MoU, 1000 corrupt catch and releases with single competed projects or corruption convictions.

  5. I thought we were going to get in business with Angola, and they have oil. Namibia got nothing

  6. The Tazara pipeline is old and obsolete, needs major maintenance which it never got. And Tanzania also doesn’t have oil.

  7. Nifunsako chabe. What’s the end goal of this government kanshi? Oil pipeline in Tazama, non functional, proposal to trade oil with Angola and construction of a pipeline from the same. And now an MOU with Namibia to construct a pipeline, to what end?
    Angola has been producing oil, and sending the same overseas since the state has little control on the oil produced, foreign companies do. Namibian oil is yet to be produced, and even so, this oil was discovered by foreign companies whose commercial interests will have them export to their preferred destination. We keep signing documents for no tangible results.
    Again. Nifunsako chabe.
    Finshi fimbi?

  8. This is welcome because of the new resources in oil reserves discoveries in Nambia wavis it can as needed add to the security of supply mix from East West and South that is to say from Tanzania Angola and mozabique which still remains major areas of supply potential and transportation Methods A local startergy on Oil and Gas in an intergrated way will be helpful including reduction of costs by pipelines and in storages Exploration like it has yielded results in Namibia and DRC is also important for Zambia especially that studies could be already be available because the import bill for fuels could be on the up in some some contagion movements to manage ups and downs of fuel prices

  9. Why can’t the pipeline terminate in Livingstone or Kazungula or Kalomo or Choma? This would take jobs away from Lusaka for a change. Lusaka is getting congested with an accompanying surge in land prices while it remains cheaper in smaller towns.

  10. PF cadres! Who wants at this point in time to source oil from Mozambique? Are you people normal or you are mad? There is war in Mozambique and anyone who buys oil from there joins the war too. Rebels or Government will follow that pipeline where it will go & trouble begins. So, PF cadres we know that you are mediocres already but, reduce on your mediocrity pls-you too much now.

  11. Also i can see alot bloggers here dont have good memory-as i see them questioning the previous Oil from Angola that was mentioned. Guys! The deal in Angola was done and dusted. Signed and its official we are now shareholders to the Angolan Oil production plant. When you buys shares in a company,is there need for you to still go around posing & singing abt it-Take it easy & let the follow up teams bring you results. So on Angola, there can be a pipeline or not but we bought shares-all that matters,the rest is for the delivery team to do. Now with Namibia we are also about to do the same. To PF cadres its all abt a pipeline but the New Dawn its abt the Zambian GRZ owning shares into the Namibian Oil Reserves. So keep counting ba PF; Tanzania we are renovating Indeni,Angola-down,now…

  12. @15 Jonathan, when you say ‘we are now shareholders to the Angolan oil production..’
    Who is we? Zambia, Zambians? Your country of residence in SA? Are you aware Zambia has signed several MOUs in mining with DRC, Namibia and Botswana for their diamonds? Does it mean they are shareholders in our mineral produce?
    I get annoyed at how dull you appear to be with your comments.

  13. The proposed oil and gas pipelines from Namibia is a WHITE ELEPHANT. This Govt needs to sharpen its diplomatic skills to (a) engage Tanzania to rehabilitate the Tazama oil pipeline; (b) consolidate relations with Angola to construct an extra oil pipe line and set up a refinery in Solwezi; and (c) engage Mozambique to construct a gas pipe line. Namibia is our all-weather friendly State to develop road and rail routes for importation and export of a diversity of industrial merchandize. Zambia must collaborate with Zimbabwe to realise the construction of the Batoka hydro-power station and export excess power to South Africa. Consult Dr. VJ Mwaanga on diplomatic issues.

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