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Get Ready for Chicken Export, Poultry Owners Urged

Economy Get Ready for Chicken Export, Poultry Owners Urged

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Development, Elias Mubanga has called on Zambians in the poultry business to get ready for the export of chickens to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr Mubanga has disclosed that the renowned multi-million dollar company that expressed interest in doing poultry business with Zambia, will soon be in the country to table a number of logistical issues before the commencement of business.

He revealed that during the expected meetings, the two parties will chart the way forward and come up with some agreements between the two countries.

Mr Mubanga noted that this is an exciting venture especially for the small scale entrepreneurs, as a foreign company has shown interest to import chickens from Zambia.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Mubanga said the Zambian Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the ground facilitating the correspondence.

“There are plans that the Saudi Arabian companies interested in the poultry business will be visiting Zambia to have firsthand meetings with the government. My ministry being cardinal in the partnership, we are ready to receive them,” he said.

He further disclosed that another deal with a Saudi Arabian company to set up an agro-chemical manufacturing company in Zambia is still underway.


  1. When you have nothing to say, say nothing. I see my young sister Chushi Kasanda has stopped popping up anyhow. I’m sure when she addresses us she will say something worthwhile.

  2. We failed mbuzi which is generally diseases resistant, talkless chickens which are vulnerable to all manner of diseases and are subjected to more stringent health checks

  3. Iyi ninkani yamu kachasu same naya Mbuzi and maids or drivers promised last season….Can we have something conclusive from this ministry please!!

  4. Most small scale chicken farmers would not be able to export their chickens to markets outside Africa…………

    This is because if the uncontrolled chicken feed and chicken medicines especially chinese produced …………

    All manner of dangerous toxins are used to bulk up those chickens……….

  5. These ministers get excited over issues they barely understand to export chicken to Saudi Arabia you need to meet specific standards namely Halah specification…now how many of our poultry farmers are able to adhere to this? Has your ministry thought about it this before rushing to the press over one customer enquiry?

  6. Good idea, most people keeping chickens are unable to expand due to lack of access to ready market. Let’s try this one and see if it will work. After all, life is all about taking chances. Those who don’t want, let them continue wasting their time posting this or that on internet

  7. Tarino you supported and called for people to vote in these f00IS. So don’t annoy us by making f00Iish statements.

  8. I think you will find that halal requirements are easily met, provided you follow the halal way of slaughtering the chickens! It’s all in the preparation of the chicken, than what the chicken eats!

    #plant a tree please.

  9. wE VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT THESE EXPORTS ONLY IN THE NEWS. First it was goats to Saudi Arabia. Maybe we should interest them in vinkubala and shonkonono


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