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Chanda Kabwe to now face ACC

General News Chanda Kabwe to now face ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned former DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe to appear before the Commission on Monday morning for questioning.

According to a Call Out dated May 13, Mr. Kabwe has been requested to report himself to ACC offices for the purpose of an interview at 09:00 hours.

“Mr Chanda Kabwe, you are requested to report yourself to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) offices at ACC Headquarters (Anti-Corruption House) on Monday, 16th May 2022 for the purpose of an interview. Time 09:00 hours. You will not be kept longer than is absolutely necessary.”

The former DMMU National Coordinator faces investigative officers 48 hours after putting up a show of defiance at the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

Mr. Kabwe had told the PAC hearing that DMMU adopted the best practices in the fight against Covid-19, a pandemic which has made the globe economically vulnerable.

The former National Coordinator said DMMU emergency procurement is within the law and that he spent sleepless nights to try and fight for the country amid the deadly pandemic.

“When Covid came, we had no plans. We were running like headless chickens both at a country level and a household level because it was a new thing that had come. However, working together within the SADC region and World Health Organization, we adopted some of the best ways to respond to the Covid,” he said.

“The institution is not about the individual but the system. The controls are the same. Zambia was rated red and a lot of things were dying. Businesses were closing and people were dying, people lost money. We had to adopt the best practices for us to fight Covid-19. We spent sleepless nights to try and fight for this country.”

And when he was earlier asked how suppliers for face masks were identified without the advert, the former National Coordinator said “I am at loss chairperson. I was here yesterday, I phoned Parliament to try and give me the documents that you want me to try to speak to. I don’t know if it was designed so that I have no information that was provided for, I don’t know. So I may not know what you may even be referring to,” he said.

“Firstly, the issue of identifying suppliers…..I as NC did not play any role in the finding of suppliers. I have no role in the identifying of suppliers. There is a department which deals with suppliers. I’m sure, from their responses, they are here, they can answer how they identified those suppliers. Then I can maybe come and conclude Hon Chairperson.”

“As you may be aware chair, when we have an emergency, we do not advertise because of the time factor. I am sure the Hon Members are aware that open bidding, which is the default procurement method takes time,” he said.

“When it comes to the identification of the suppliers, we have a data base of the suppliers that were picked.”


  1. We shall overcome. No one, not even chanda is worried about this. We know it is a political witch hunt coming from a very insecure failing president. This is what happens when you promise the world to people but fail to deliver. You start making up things to distract the population from your failures. A fight against corruption which only applies to opposition and not his own ministers found wanting. Come 2026 at this rate pf is bouncing back. Mark my words. I put that on hh life and his children

  2. In every country…………

    The emergency urgent fight against covid throw procedures and guidelines of procuring supplies out of the window…………

    Every one has an excuse for waisting tax payers money………….

  3. This is rubbish and vengeful. You have a minister receiving bribes from the Chinese. You have someone overpricing fertilizer. You have someone forcing children to drink an illicit brew. List is endless. But no action. If I were in ACC I would ask the whitsle blower whether he’s a supplier and if he had been given the contract to supply was going to blow the whitsle?

  4. As if people have confidence in ACC handling corruption cases.
    ACC was investigating Amos Chanda for corruption and they are now successfully prosecuting him for insults, lol.
    Kabwe gave PAC a good example on how emergency situations require emergency action, DMMU hired a plane recently to evacuate students in Russia, did they wait for tenders and all the procedures or did they act quickly?

  5. Of course, Stup!d KZ, we all remember the ten years that your totally incompetent Edgar China Lungu wasted by trying and failing to become president. He only succeeded in emptying the states coffers, and now he is seen roaming the streets with his wheelbarrow. So much for”successful” presidents! By the way, have your kids come back from their begging round of the Belmarsh area yet? They must be hungry!

  6. He presented himself and they have called nothing unusual about it. Let him just explain himself not again hiding in the name of been sick. As for the face mask issue maybe these ones we see people selling in the streets.

  7. KZ, I know anxiety is dribbling with your mind. Your time will come, boy will the officers manhandle you. We cannot wait.

  8. PF is gone and gone forever and no bouncing back. PF is dead and now rotting.. The dead don’t come back unless in heaven. Zambia Don’t cheat yourself KZ..


  10. Keep telling yourself that. I am here on the ground and the pf structures are fully intact both outside and inside of government.

  11. Newsfeed these days is mostly about arrests or dismissals. As arrests go, not one conviction has come to pass! This case as others before it, appears to have harassment overtones – in short, maximum publicity; heading nowhere, yet adding to the pending cases at varying stages of investigation. With teams inundated with workloads, I can only imagine the pressure to quickly find convictable evidence to justify public humiliation suffered by those purported to have committed crimes. At this rate, the going will be long & exhausting for both, enforcers and those at the receiving end of the “supposed” law enforcement! When it’s all ‘done & dusted’, will we still enjoy amicable relations?

    #plant a tree please.

  12. Emergency procurement has a policy in every country and also has guidelines. You so called best practice…as he called it, it to get three quotations from suppliers. What the guidelines will not require you to do is take out a tender for the full period of tender. You are only required to advertise for a shorter period as deemed fit. You are only allowed to single source on commodities where there is only one supplier for that item. So this reason by this guys is bogus. These MPs should know this.

  13. And Pls ACC start by clapping or wapping this pompous moron before asking him anything. You saw the arrongance for yourself when he presented at PAC. and i believe you well know how to handle such rogues. Imagine this is how arrogant this barger is outside Government-what more of the time when he was in Gov?

  14. Jonathan start with an inquiry into privatisation if you genuinely care about fighting corruption. Why are you scared to do that? Hahaha because thar fellow f00Iish tonga leader is implicated. Baflkamba

  15. The usual blogger will cry out loud for their fellow crooks that they are being harassed…this govt gave this boy too much time to shred the evidence and clean up the hard drives.

  16. Some ejoti who was part of the corrupt PF government for the last 10 years is now talking about investigating privatization to implicate HH.
    Every dog has its day, yours is very near.
    PF will never ever ever come back to power. It’s a cursed thing.


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