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COMESA secures almost half a billion dollars for viable infrastructure projects.

General News COMESA secures almost half a billion dollars for viable infrastructure projects.

COMESA says about $425 Million financed by the World Bank has been allocated for the provision of loans to viable infrastructure projects with private sector interest.

COMESA Energy Economist Malama Chileshe says the off-grid the renewable energy project will be co-implemented by COMESA and the Trade and Development Bank, aims at supporting the creation of an environment that is conducive for private sector investment in infrastructure.

Mr. Chileshe says renewable energy is one of the main focus areas of the regional infrastructure finance facility (RIFF).

He has told Hot FM News that to gain a better understanding of the subsector, COMESA commissioned a study on off-grid renewable energy in the region which has since been concluded.

Meanwhile regional infrastructure finance facility Policy and regulatory Expert Ahid Maeresera said there is a boom in the installed capacity of renewable energy in the world but Africa is only receiving two percent of the energy.

He has insisted the need for commercial banks to understand the importance of providing finance for renewable energy projects.


  1. I thought hh is a rich man. Instead of us constantly borrowing why doesn’t he fund these projects? Billionaire pakamwa che. Hahaha. Every man answers to some one. For me it’s god for hh it is the whlte man

  2. Viable infrastructure is when each province of Zambia has access to electricity, clean water, access roads, schools and hospitals. Each of these provinces have assets under their belly or on the surface worth trillions of dollars. At the moment, the only solid infrastructure we have is the one that takes away from us rather than bring in or retain wealth.

  3. Please please, use the correct picture H.E is HH is President he should be in that picture of COMESA leadership….if there is no recent picture show a picture of which project has been financed by COMESA.

  4. With due respect, Kaiser Zulu shouldn’t masquerade on this forum as on high moral ground when frequently being dragged to courts of law for civil and criminal offences. So we remind you to pay $13,000 you owe Mr Stephen Mulembeta Samuteba. You promised to pay this money within 30 days from 24th March 2022.

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