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UNIP in confusion as Mwamba suspends his vice president Kaira

Feature Politics UNIP in confusion as Mwamba suspends his vice president Kaira

United National Independence Party , UNIP- President  Trevor Mwamba has suspended Party Vice President Mike Kaira.

Bishop Mwamba  says gross indiscipline will not be condoned as the party constitution clearly outlines the steps to be followed in dealing with erring members.

He says the suspension of Mr. Kaira is in accordance with the powers vested in him in the party constitution.

Bishop Mwamba told Journalists at a Media Briefing in Lusaka that he called for a Central Committee meeting on Saturday May 14, which unanimously endorsed the suspension of the Secretary General Mulenga Mwiche.

He said it was shocking that on Sunday the Vice President announced that he had suspended him as Party president and took over as Acting President of the party.

Bishop Mwamba said he has found immense opposition because of his decision to have the Zambia National Holding run by professionals and experts away from political interference.

He however said he is open to talks if the erring members decide or wish to in the spirit of reconciliation.

But when Contacted for a comment, Mr. Kaira referred all queries to Mr. Mwiche, the Secretary General whom Mr. Mwamba suspended.

Mr. Kaira said when he announced the suspension of Bishop Mwamba, he was merely communicating the decision of the Central Committee held on Saturday which decided to suspend Bishop Mwamba.

He said Bishop Mwamba had walked out of a meeting before it was concluded and members of the Central Committee reconvened and decided to suspend him.

And Speaking earlier during the Press briefing, Acting Secretary General  Kenneth Kaira said the party is strong and urged the members not to allow confusion.

Meanwhile, UNIP National Women Chairperson Beauty Kabwe said the women folk in the party do not want confusion and are against looting of Party properties.


  1. More examples of upnd planting confusion in other parties. They are paying these people to break up opposition

  2. When you stay outside Zambia for too long and only follow events through social media, it’s better you don’t take up leadership positions immediately upon return because you’ll be out of touch and mislead others like the UPND Law Professor. The only thing that’s holding UNIP together are its assets. Bishop Trevor must be ready for a showdown from idlers like bena Mike Kaira who derive their livelihood from UNIP. They’ll fight him even if it means to the bitter end.

  3. Of course the UK based imposter Stup!d KZ has completely forgotten that his former boss Edgar China Lungu imprisoned HH no less than 15 times, one time for even FOUR months. He even jailed the current traitor GBM – one half of the Obese brothers – until this turncoat bribed himself into the corrupt PF. But we now see the PF falling apart even more, with the same Edgar China Lungu blaming his own justice minister Given Lubinda, and going for the other half of the Obese brothers CK. It would be sad if it wouldn’t be so funny. And about UNIP, ah, what do you expect, a catholic bishop running a political party, just to stay out of the pedophile chasers’ eyes. And none of these people ever talk about policies or strategies, they just want to blame others, isn’t it Stup!d KZ? By the way,…

  4. Does this party still exist? Chisokone You just never know whom you might shake out of government again.

  5. Trevor

    All look presidential, but when they open their mouths they sound so empty empty empty, 10 times worse than HH.

  6. This is what will be happening to PF soon. In Zambia once a party loses power it’s on the one way route to Mogadishu. Just wait when or if the PF goes to the convention and that Bembastan cabal loses, they will rebel and puke xenophobia

  7. @Nostradamus that’s it! I’m coming home to form my own party and take over government.

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