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Software firm to set up 10m EURO company to transform ZAMPOST

Economy Software firm to set up 10m EURO company to transform ZAMPOST

Government has signed an MoU with ASSECO, Europe’s sixth biggest software company to set up a 10-million Euros joint venture company aimed at improving the operations of ZAMPOST.

Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati  says the MoU will see the digitizing of ZAMPOST operations.

He adds that the MoU is the beginning of transforming ZAMPOST which will have an opportunity of having e-Banking and Ecommerce.

Mr. Mutati who signed  on behalf of Zambia said the agreement is basically bringing to life President Hakainde HichilemaA’s call for partnerships with European companies during the official opening of the EU Zambia Economic Forum yesterday.

The Minister said government has set signing of the transactional contract by July as the MoU signed today outlines the roadmap for the completion of the transaction.

He said his Ministry is responding to the President’s call for partnerships and attraction of more investments from the EU.

And ASSECO Senior Director International Business Pawet Hansdorfer  said his company with an annual net profit of over 300 million euros is happy to support the digitization of ZAMPOST.

He said the move will enhance ZAMPOST’s revenue streams and communication.

Mr. Hansdorfersaid ASSECO which has presence in 61 countries looks forward to start work during the course of this year.

And EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski who witnessed the signing stated that improving operations of postal services is key to development.

He expressed happiness that Zambia has signed a partnership with ASSECO a Polish company and one of the major tech companies in Europe.

And Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Elias Mubanga said his Ministry is looking forward to seeing the projects taking off soon as government is in a hurry to develop.

He expressed optimism of many SMEs set to benefit.

Meanwhile Commerce Minister Chipoka Mulenga   expressed happiness that key transactions are already being secured barely 24 hours after President HICHILEMA’s call for partnerships with European companies.

Mr. Mulenga said technology has evolved hence Zambia cannot keep transacting in old ways.

He said the 10million Euros investments will not just improve the economy but will be key in job creation.


  1. Privatisation. Another parastatal sold for peanuts while hh gets kickbacks. Hh is addicted to privatising things. It is his kink..his fetish

  2. Much better than having the Chinese to finance everything, and then having to hand over KKIA because you can’t pay back the loan! Typical Edgar China Lungu behaviour, isn’t it Stup!d KZ? Ah, I forgot, he kicked you out for having a big mouth and only stup!d ideas!

  3. Kaizar Zulu, it seems you don’t understand English. The post talks about digitization of ZAMPOST not privatization. Cadre mentality, civintu!

  4. Chigo that is what they want you to believe and you are so daft to believe that rubbish. I worked in govt and know how things work. Who are you

  5. We are hoping for the company to also employ zambian IT specialists, not only personels from europe to come and do the work.

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