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Anti-Corruption Commission says it is still in charge of Bowman Lusambo’s Property


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has said that it is still in control of the properties of former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo situated in Chamba Valley by way of the Restriction Notice which is in force.

Lusaka Resident Magistrate Albert Mwaba yesterday set aside the Warrant of Seizure on Lusambo’s properties on account that it is an abuse of court process as there was a Restriction Notice which was already in place on the same properties.

In a statement released to the media, ACC said that the Restriction Notice is still in force as there has been no decision of any competent court to reverse or vary it, adding that the Commission is dissatisfied with the ruling of the Court to set aside the Warrant of Seizure as provided under the Anti-Corruption Act no. 3 of 2012 subsection 58(1) which provides for the seizure of properties under investigation.

The Commission further noted that, while it respects the decision of the Court, there is no legal requirement for the Commission to cancel a Restriction Notice before a Warrant of Seizure can be obtained and that the two actions can be enforced without any repercussions to the other as they each serve different purposes, adding that the provisions under Section 58(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act states:

“Where in the course of an investigation into an offence under this Act, an officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that any movable or immovable property is derived or acquired from corrupt practices, is the subject matter of an offence or is evidence relating to an offence, the officer shall, with a warrant, seize the property.“

The Commission concluded the statement by saying that it believes that it is on firm ground in the actions it is taking in its quest to investigate and prosecute matters relating to the corrupt acquisition of property.

Below is the full statement


  1. Without arguing what law says what or siezure or restrictions, Bowman was a grave digger then Die hard then Lusaka Province Minister; just common sense; where did he get the money to buy 40 houses??

  2. Madam you are just ashamed of your failure. The court has ruled and you can not act otherwise other than appealing to a higher court

  3. #2 William Banda you cannot base your arrest on those reasons. I am not supporting Lusambo, but suppose he raised the money by other means and not by stealing from government? You can’t call someone a thief just because he looks like one… you have to catch him stealing. Your logic is what is causing the hiccups in the ACC.

  4. What do they mean still in control? A restriction basically restricts the sale of property under investigation.
    Bowman can stay there till the court either acquit him or finds him guilty and a an order for forfeiture of the property is granted.
    What do they mean in control? ACC at this point needs to keep quiet, act and inform us of successful convictions.

  5. DeJa Vu by you say, “by other means” it proves that you and me are saying the same thing.

  6. @William, take time and think critically, your feelings are not evidence. And also, how do you not know that the story of 40 houses was as truthful as the story of a councillor buying a bank? Unfreaking believable how ACC makes announcements before a half decent investigation.

  7. I want to know who is resposible for the death of one of the zebras at Bowman’s mansion. ACC is saying one thing at the same time Bowman is moving furniture back into his house. I dont know who to believe now…..hahahha

  8. How did Lusambo start keeping Zebra at his house? What for? I can understand hunting Zebra in the bush for its meat which govt has banned because Europeans have banned it but keeping it in Town??
    Now the animal has died when it could have survived in its natural environment.
    Can one just start keeping wildlife in a domestic environment? Isn’t this cruelty to animals? Isn’t this against the laws?

  9. My Sister, you are an example of incompetency. Kindly operate by the rules and don’t do so to be seen working. I think your days in that office are numbered. You are embarrassing the appoint authority.

  10. #5 William Banda, we are not saying the same thing. You have already found Bowman guilty because in your opinion he can’t afford these things….. this not the evidence you can present before the court. You can say IT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT THAT MR BOWMAN LUSAMBO DIVERTED CDF FUNDS TO HIS PERSONAL USE CONTRARY etc as an example and you produce witnesses who will back this.

  11. Where are these LT Analysts? Chimwemwe Banda? Parkie Mbozi, Field Ruwe? Kapya Kaoma etc etc? Do we need the ACC? Please examine this and get expert opinions for us.

  12. If it where Bishop Imakando addressibg the ACC at this point, this is were he would say; “My God deliver you!”.

  13. Amazing how many issues of corruption/thievery are coming out on PF and that’s for a party that was “allergic to corruption” back in 2011.

  14. @10
    Iam afraid William Banda is right. The ACC have got a legal backing to apprehend you for living beyond your means. As a minister or in any other job, your salary can be calculated and it can reasonably be inferred about how much you will multiply from it. You then have the onus to provide proof or evidence that you earned whatever they are questioning in a legal manner. You may have invested in Crypto currency or gone to a gambling house and received a windfall but the ACC has to be given the evidence. The ACC should know this.

  15. How did they give him access to the House if they are in control ? Without doubt his wealthy is corruptly obtained either through theft or money laundering. Both are punishable crimes. Time will tell.

  16. As a concerned UPND supporter, I can openly say there is a lot of confusion, muddle and too many people in the new government that have been given jobs who don’t know why they are there. These jobs now appear too big and too much for them. HH needs to reshuffle the cabinet and some elite advisors. If he does not it will be too late to repair the damage. HH has brought in loyal UPND cadres in ACC who are telling seasoned professionals what to do which is very dangerous. These UPND Cadres inside ACC are constantly calling Community House talking to HH bypassing everyone. Among these people is my incompetent first cousin who does not even qualify to manage his own family of 4 people. In the end, it’s the president who is getting embarrassed with the corruption fight locally and…

  17. Fuseke iwe! Is that what hh told you to say? We have been invited to bowman’s home for a braii tomorrow and here you are being f00Iish. Come tomorrow to interrupt us at his house, we will beat you all up.

  18. Arrest and jail Bowman the greedy fool. Time to pay Mr Stupid illiterate and dull bull liker not dozer

  19. I say sue CEEC IN China, as govt for Breach of Contract and abetting the defraudment of the friendly people and govt of Zambia and bringing the PRC into disrepute….just see what happens…Xi will sacrifice something, just a 101 withh HH…mwapya baisa

  20. @Hercule, surely its ad simple as investigating the mans tax returns to zra from the last few years. If the gains were made above board the honorable gentleman would have paid his due taxes over them. He is after all a a member of the party that proclaims to be patriots. And a patriot wouldnt shy from paying his belived country his due taxes now would he.

  21. But why madam? This is exactly why the ACC is floundering! Exasperating indeed!

    #plant a tree please.

  22. This ACC needs complete overall even this lady get rid of her..she has not reponded to the allegations Bowman raised about disabling the alarm and breaking into his property. I also thought those animals were now property of Wildlife services.

  23. There were two enforcement notices……….

    Each doing the same thing……….

    One has been cancelled by the court……….

    ACC are still in controlled of his house until he explains where he got $3 million to build it…………….

  24. So now the hhACC can now interpret the law more and better than our competent Courts of Law’s LAWYERS.
    Because the hhACC is deep in his petticoat, confusion is definitely the order of the day.
    We shall continue to watch sham Pressers where the so called leader is busy aimlessly accusing innocent citizens of corruption.
    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty thus saith our laws. Whether the hACC and hhpresident of the upee’nd feels otherwise. How dare this hhACC!

  25. This Thorn in the A£$% – At least now you have grown up and toned down compared to the appalling behaviour you exhibited during the Lazy Lungu years…congratulations!!

  26. LT how come this corrupt a$$hole Kaizar Zulu is allowed to use insulting language all the time? He’s bother to corrupt Bowman Lusambo?

  27. Mlevi it is called freedom of speech. I thought you being in America would know what that is? You seem very ignorant and backward. The monze in you has not left even after moving to the diaspora. If I say hh is a f00Iish lying dog, that is not an insult to hh but an insult to dogs for comparing them to hh

  28. #25 My young negro nigga, you know I am a thorn in cracked @$$.
    Yes my nigga I am living life. I have just learned that you have just learned god that yout liar in chief puti wa puti can put food on your table now.
    See $ucker f001 there is alway time to move on.
    But I will still remain a thorn in your wacky cracked @$$.

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