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Excess teachers from Lusaka schools to be redeployed to rural areas – TCZ

General News Excess teachers from Lusaka schools to be redeployed to rural areas -...

Teaching Service Commission of Zambia (TSCZ) chairperson, Daphne Chimuka says the commission will soon decongest teachers from schools in Lusaka district to some rural schools.

Ms. Chimuka stated that this exercise is expected to increase the number of teachers in some rural schools which have been noted to have a deficit despite the current recruitment of teachers.

She said the commission wants to ensure that schools in both urban and rural areas have adequate teachers to enable school going children to access quality education.

Ms. Chimuka said this when she addressed head teachers from various zones during a meeting held at Chongwe Secondary school in Chongwe district.

She implored the head teachers to welcome teachers who will soon be deployed to their respective schools and embrace the ideas they may present to improve education services offered to school going children.

“Most of the teachers you will receive at your schools are young and have stayed for years without working. Some of them will come with new innovative ideas because they are young. Do not intimidate them but instead embrace these ideas to see how best they can contribute towards improving the quality of education your schools are giving to children,” Ms. Chimuka said.

Ms. Chimuka said head teachers should set good examples for the new teachers by being professional and upholding the set standards of the country’s teaching practice.

She urged the head teachers to induct the new teachers to work in line with the existing systems of the education sector and ensure that they are not indisciplined as they carry out their duties.

Ms. Chimuka also encouraged school authorities to lobby for construction of teacher’s houses through the constituency development fund (CDF) from their communities to accommodate newly recruited teachers.

“Engage your communities and request that they consider constructing houses for the new teachers using some of the funds allocated to their wards under CDF,” she said.

She further assured all teaching staff and head teachers working in the country’s public schools who have not been confirmed despite working for many years that the commission and ministry of education are making efforts to ensure that teaching staff are confirmed immediately after probation.

Speaking during the same event, Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Director for inspections, Fred Mwale called on head teachers and teachers to acquaint themselves with the legal framework and regulations which guide the teaching fraternity in the county.

Dr. Mwale stated that the guidelines have been established to foster professionalism among teachers.

He urged teachers across the country to take advantage of the online platform created by the council to process their applications for their practicing licenses.

And Chongwe Secondary school Head teacher, David Phiri who gave a vote of thanks assured TSCZ and TCZ that head teachers in Chongwe are ready to work with the new teachers who will be deployed to their schools adding that they will give them the necessary support.

Mr. Phiri said no teacher will be intimidated on the basis of tribe as the school heads in the district have proved to be professional in the manner in which they execute their duties.


  1. It’s common knowledge that there’s no shortage of teachers in the country. The problem is that nobody wants to serve in rural areas resulting in what the story is talking about. In the colonial rule it was ensured that after qualification as a teacher transport was arranged to take you to a place that the government felt needed your services. That’s how even villages had enough teachers for their schools. Don’t join a vocation that’s not your calling if you are not ready to sacrifice.

  2. How can there be a shortage anywhere in the country after the recent exercise whereby government hired 30,000 teachers?!

  3. #2 The numbers are just a replacement for retirees and natural wastage. There teachers allocated for Lufwanyama who stay in Kitwe. They don’t want to move to Lufwanyama inspite of the fact that houses are available there. They prefer to commute ( some times they don’t even report for work). The last physical count of teachers revealed that in principle the schools in the district had enough staff but physically that was not so.

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