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Freedom fighters call for strengthened national unity


Zambian Freedom fighters have appealed for strengthened national unity in order to grow and develop the country economically.

National Chairperson for the Freedom Fighters Association, Bessy Chanda says it is the desire of the association, that the country stands together and grow the nation, through obedience, hard work and discipline, just as they did, when fighting for the country’s liberation.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Ms Chanda noted that people are enjoying the freedom today, which others died for, while others remained disfigured due to the wars, adding that this should be a wakeup call for all Zambians.

“Things were so bad such that black children used to go to dilapidated schools, and sat on the floor, while schools for the whites were so nice well painted and they had desks.” Ms Chanda said.

Ms Chanda recalls that even when seeking health care services, the white people were treated with outmost care and had their own high profiled section, while the blacks received very poor medical care.

She further urged Zambians to cherish the Africa Freedom Day, adding that it is a celebration for the struggle that was overcome by the country’s forefathers.

And Lusaka Chairperson for Freedom Fighters Paul Phiri explained the importance of national unity through the “One Zambia One Nation” slogan which goes beyond tribal or regional boundaries.

President Hakainde Hichilema is expected to officiate at this year’s Africa Freedom Day celebration, which falls on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, under the theme, “Leveraging on National Resources to Boost Food Security.”


  1. Zambia has been divided for a long time. It’s therefore misleading especially for people that claim to be freedom fighters to pretend as if they united Zambia when they had chance to govern. While those in UNIP enjoyed as they sung praises for KK others experienced untold brutality like Nkumbula whose assets were frozen, the Puta family, Kapwepwe family, Mungoni Liso told off KK about this and he suffered ghastly consequences. If you want to help heal this nation please don’t shy away from the truth. Hypocrites!

  2. On the condition of schools, here on the copperbelt especially mining townships African schools were in very good conditions with teachers always available near the school. Of course there was segregation which accompanied very good conditions for white, Indian and colored children. Add to that whites had many secondary schools in the country with an option of going to Southern Rhodesia. Mining companies always built a new primary school for every new township. Segregation was the major problem.

  3. What national unity do you expect under the leadership of a political party which believes that only a tonga can rule it? You lost patriotic leadership in August 2021

  4. What national unity do you expect under the leadership of a p0litical party which believes that only a t0nga can rule it? You lost patrl0tic Ieadership in August 2021

  5. Chiluba’s group (MMD)should be called freedom fighters, they liberated Zambian’s from 27 oppressive years.
    To me they were freedom fighters who liberated Zambian’s from fellow Zambian’s.
    In future HH and group (upnd) will be called freedom fighters as well


  7. #1 I remember Mr Nkumbula being denied a travel document to seek medical treatment abroad. I still don’t understand what danger a sick old man would have posed to the nation.

  8. #3 Tikki. At this point in time the youngest freedom should be at least 80 years old. One who is 60 can’t be a freedom fighter.

  9. #2 TIA, It’s annoying to see how good-for-nothing idlers have belabored to trivialized FTJ’s struggles against KK. It wasn’t easy to wrestle power from KK. There were several attempts on FTJ’s life just for standing up against UNIP’s impunity. This generation will never see as fearless a labour leader as FTJ was. He spoke for everyone and he was heard. Those that want to look like they were the heroes had their tails between their legs at the sight of KK. We need to correct our distorted history beginning with the struggle for Independence through to the 2nd liberation.

  10. @3 – A simple question by a simple mind!
    @ 5 Deja Vu, thank you for educating this guy. This is the trouble we have in our country – a clueless young population.

    #plant a tree please!

  11. @2 TIA, Zambians will live to remember how MMD betrayed the trust given to them by Zambians to begin to live under a well to do class and the majority poor ordinary Zambians. Brown envelopes appeared to appease and hoodwink the poor. There a seed of corruption was sewn. New Deal MMD under late president LPM, SC that bud was nipped with (the arm of the law will visit you), president was offered a conditional olive branch FTJ. “Bring Back 50% all stolen assets and will be safe. Fate has it, the demise of late president LPM. SC revived the seed of corruption and PF under president Michael Sata actualised corruption and Michael Chilufya Sata glorified it. Note the ascendency of Edgar Chagwa Lungu as president of PF party and president of PF. The reign of PF under ECL was to share national…

  12. resources with impunity by plunder and corruption Zambia has never seen, including wild national animals. What remained was to sell rivers and lakes to Chinese. That, Zambians refused and voted out PF regime. Its for that reason in future UPND and Zambians will live to cerebrate the freedom of Corruption Free Zambia (CFZ).


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