Friday, June 14, 2024

Police Service Commission promotes 150 Officers in Southern Province


The Zambia Police Service Commission has promoted 150 police officers in Southern Province to various ranks.

Commission Chairperson, Peter Machungwa said the promotion is as a result of exceptional performance and prolonged stay in one rank.

Dr. Machungwa was speaking in Choma after the Commission concluded a tour of Southern Province to interact with officers on a number of issues pertaining to their welfare.

He said the tour was aimed at putting into operation the provisions of the decentralization policy as provided for by the constitution Act number two of 2016 and act number 10 of the Service Commission Act.

Dr. Machungwa has further disclosed that following the tour of the province, the Commission has established five human resource management committees in the Police Service and one in the Immigration Department to look into the welfare of officers.


  1. Ba re[porter pehaps you owe us information on : Why 150 in one province? What are the numbers in other provinces?

  2. When I warned you about voting for upnd, people called me Crazy and tribalist and now here is the evidence. I told you effing dogs! Tribalism in upnd is the norm.

  3. Let’s not make noise just now. It’s too early. Maybe they are doing it province by province. Next they will move to another province.

  4. Lets wait and see if these promotions happen elsewhere. Otherwise, this would be something of concern.

  5. We have 10 provinces in Zambia they could have picked or promoted 15 from each province. Praise singers should not cry foul when people call UPND A TRIBAL party.

  6. What is tribal here. Machungwa and his Commission were in Southern Province. These PF tribalists here wanted to hear that, while visiting Southern Province the Commission promoted 150 officers in Luapula province.

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