We have to lower the high cost of fertilizer- Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says there is need to deal with the cost of fertilizer so that productivity of food is at a low cost.

President Hichilema says Government is working together with farmers and fertilizer suppliers to see that the cost of fertilizer is reduced and to have the commodity produced locally.

He says Government will work to resolve challenges in the economy and that this will resolve problems faced by citizens such as availability and cost of food.

President Hichilema  says his Administration wants to grow the economy so as to create jobs for citizens and better their lives.

The Head of State said this to journalists after an engagement with Fertilizer Suppliers at a Symposium organized by the Zambia National Farmers Union at Mulungushi International Conference centre in Lusaka today.

President Hichilema said the country has a task of boosting  production in the agriculture sector and to ensure that farmers continue to produce more.

He said it is his Administration’s ambition that farmers produce enough for the local market as well as export to the region.
Zambia National Farmers Union President  Jarvis Zimba  said the various stakeholders are trying to resolve the issue of productivity and the cost of production so that the prices of fertilizer are affordable.

Mr. Zimba noted that the current prices of fertilizer are too high for small scale farmers, hence the need to address the matter.

He said the Symposium was held so that Government, together with farmers and fertilizer suppliers can find an amicable solution to the challenges.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo  said President Hichilema has political will to ensure that the agriculture sector thrives.


  1. Solutions will only come when we dialogue and have think tanks like this. As chief praise worshiper, i hope we get to a good place/price on fertiliser . It would be a shame if a Tonga where to fail at boosting the agric sector. Mabisi production should quadruple from now till 2026.

  2. And some fuul says that Zambians are scared to criticize HH,
    What is to criticize about the above story?

  3. #1 I don’t know what this has got to do with what you are saying. Is there a part in this story that is talking about criticism? The man is talking about ways to reduce the price of fertilizer so what has that got to do with what you are talking about.?

  4. @Nostradamus #1, there is something to question here. He had formulas of how fertilizer price should have been half what it was under the PF, he gave us those formulas and told us he would reduce the cost of fertilizer.
    Perhaps we could overlook that on account of several things that he may not have know when he made those pronouncements.
    But alas, we should question the president, even criticize him for his government single sourcing from Alpha commodities whose price was higher than normal.

  5. @Deja Vu, iwe trying to criticize me? You can’t even spell my name. Atase iwe Lusaka boy like Lubambo, Kampyongo, any Tayali and Elvis Nkandu
    Learn from @ Chiza, good comment and he can even spell my name…

  6. Alot of we have to… we have to unlock the mines, we have to unlock the economy, yala yala yala. Find the dude with the keys so that we see the results

  7. #6 To start with I don’t stay in Lusaka and neither have ever lived there. Secondly Lusambo may have been a government minister but I am way above his class. Lastly staying in other people’s land doesn’t put you above us in anyway. I won’t say much lest I say something that may bring me down to your level.

  8. Nostradamus # 6

    So imwe Lusaka boys are inferior to you? Surely you can take a villager out of the village but…..

  9. #1 Nostradamus

    Take your dull skull somewhere else. HH is just talking about lowering fertilizer. At no point is HH talking about being criticised or complaining to that fact. What the f**ck are you vomiting about. Whats up? Life not going well and you decide just to vent your frustration on LSK.

  10. This chap is a just a talk show guy. Hakainde You are in Govt. Time for campaign statements is long gone. Do it chapp! this is what you were voted for. You made promises and one of them was to reduce the price of fertilizers. We heard these statements already perhaprs some of the Zambian economic refugees in Australia did not hear about your promises. These are typical signs of conmen who promise and promise but they have no clue what to do.

  11. HH said exactly the same thing about cooking oil ten months ago – and that didn’t happen either. The Empty Promises President!

  12. The price of fertilizer was distorted under LPM when a connected company was awarded a contract to supply fertilizer and it coincided with the introduction of FSP the predecessor to FISP. A 50kg bag was being supplied at K250 at a time NCZ indicated that it could supply at K50. Later there was a fertilizer Mafia war which saw new entrants as quotas were shared. Egyptians that wanted to revive NCZ and sell fertilizer at K80 were fought an eliminated. The 1st thing Bally must do is to abolish cartels but a blunder was already committed when his friend was awarded a contract to supply fertilizer to Southern province at an even higher price! Farmers, especially small scale farmers, must wean themselves from fertilizers and that’s what will redeem them

  13. By the way, the issue of fertilizer to a Zambian farmer is like that of artificial hair to an African lady. Our ladies spend so much on artificial hair thinking it makes them more beautiful yet most of us think they don’t need it. Similarly, it’s possible to have a good yield without any fertilizer. There are many successful farmers that don’t use artificial fertilizers. Ask Rolf Shenton or visit Sebastian Scott and you’ll see what I mean

  14. This is not possible in the short term… the war in ukraine and the sanctions placed on russia the world’s largest producer and exporter of the commodity will further push the prices up.. and also the selfishness and carelessness of the west who are only obsessed with gay rights and controlling the lives of everyone on earth…

  15. The problem with thieves and crooked people is that they think planning and strategising takes too long, it’s a waste of time! For them they believe in easy and quick money, diverting Mukula trucks, taking over Mopani and KCM without following legal processes so that they can loot and steal. Getting Chinese loans which they can siphon from the treasury and buy helicopters, give to girlfriends, build numerous mansions with zebras, kudus and whatever else that crooks think is proper living. So for them, having a President who thinks, plans, strategizes, only attend meetings that are of economic importance to our country, for them it’s a waste of time, he’s not a man of action, he’s moving too slow. Anyone who’s done Project Management knows that 70% of time is planning and strategy…

  16. Anyone who’s done Project Management knows that 70% of time is planning and strategy development, 30% is on implementation. These guys have not even done 20% of their mandate

  17. You are right. Organic farming using compost, is the answer. It should be taught in schools.
    Unfortunately, the Novo-Zambian( born after 1964)
    prefer farming from the box,too lazy to make compost!!!!

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