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Lusambo makes peace with Nevers Mumba


Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has reconciled with MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba.

This followed a reconciliatory meeting held on Sunday evening at which the two agreed to forget the past misunderstandings and reconcile.

Mr. Lusambo was a close ally of Dr Mumba in the MMD but the two fell out and Mr. Lusambo ended up joining the PF.

The reconciliation was part of Mr. Lusambo’s move to make peace with those he may have injured.

The development was confirmed by Mr. Lusambo’s campaign manager Mathews Ngosa who attended the three hour meeting.

Mr. Ngosa explained that the two political leaders also pledged to maintain cordial relations in their approach to politics.

At the same meeting, Mr. Lusambo apologized for the political misunderstandings that may have occurred in his past dealings with Dr Mumba.

“The meeting was initiated by Mr. Lusambo, he felt the need to apologise to Dr. Mumba in a similar manner he has apologized to the Head of State President Hichilema and Dr Mumba gracefully accepted the apology,” Mr Ngosa said.

He said Dr Mumba agreed with Mr. Lusambo’s new approach to politics driven by love and national unity.

“Dr Mumba was happy with Mr. Lusambo’s new approach to politics, he said he has always believed in Mr. Lusambo’s political capabilities but that he has concerns over the brutal and militant approach he sometimes used in the past and that he is happy we was now new a new page.”

Mr. Ngosa said the MMD President emphasized the need for Zambians to adopt clean and value based politics.

“Dr Mumba spoke on the need to promote clean politics based on the need for national unity and promotion of peace, he believes there is no need yo insult one another even if we are seeking to serve the same people.”


  1. Lusambo is genuine and better than the Priest, a minister of God’s word. The Pastor sent Lusambo to humiliate Major Kachingwe, Lusambo later apologized and reconciled with the Major but the Pastor who was the initiator has never done that. What kind of a priest is he? MMD was split because he couldn’t reconcile with Mutati, today Mutati is in Govt while he behaves like a job-seeker. Between the 2 I’d rather follow Lusambo because he doesn’t pretend like these hypocrites

    • This is total madness, how can Lusambo be better on any given day sure. The man is an outright thug, no apologies here, this can be substantiated

  2. Self preservation kicks in
    It’s time to make peace were you hailed from ….be good to people on your way up , you might need them on your way down….

  3. It’s interesting how people get humbled when they lose power and are in need of allies.
    But I must say it’s a better move than remaining arrogant and defiant.

    But at the same time we still expect that he will pay for his misdeeds under the law. These apologies must not be done in hopes of escaping the law.
    I was reading yesterday of a power man who is going to jail for 2yrs just for stealing goods worth 1 400. Surely the accusations against lusambo are far more serious, and so he should go to jail for far longer if the law is to be applied fairly.

  4. Murder charges coming up Mr. Lusambo so do all your apologies fast fast pantu you are going to be remanded for a very long time before trial.

  5. I don’t trust these apologetic approach. This is just my oppinion. When someone is a mambala, he is a mambala for life and will always find craetive ways to to pushthough his mess, and that is what Lvshambo mean by being a “Bulldozer”. Had he started off apologizing after Election. I would have given him kudos up. But for him to start with framing HH as though he was attacking him personally, because of his SUSPECTED corruption cases, then turn around and start apologizing? I think that’s bvllsh!t. But that is for Nevers Mumba and HH to take. This stream of apologies are NOTHING than continued attacks on HH to frame him as a bitter and vengeance person. The image he is trying to create towards Zambians, is to say that any Corruption cases against him will be be political vengence.

  6. After destroying MMD now the former bouncer for hire makes peacce because the rope is tightening on his neck….only a gullible peron would not see through this…truly laughable indeed…this man couldnt even stad with Nevers anywhere not even a phone call when he was a Pay Forward (PF) Minister

  7. He knows the next charges coming up, he can only hood wink gullible Zambians who are praising him, but for the sharp ones who can read in between the lines, these are fake apologies

  8. Look at Zambians praising a thug who should never have been near any leadership position in the first place. Bowman would never have been a leader in any decent country in the world , just look at the issues manifesting themselves against him after leaving leadership, you think all those could be fabrications, just how

  9. Very mature approach by comrade Lusambo. Unlike the childish angry hh who will never apologise to anyone

  10. This reconciliation spree is a result of investigations to do with an exhumed body of a murder victim. Start repenting now, maybe by 2026 you could be pardoned. Murderers during PF reign always looked forward to independence day pardon, africa freedom day pardon, christmas/boxing day pardon, before election pardons…..kikiki. Even Matthew Mohan is a free man. Have faith Bulldozer you will be out too. Uluse!

  11. Making peace before you spend the rest of your day’s in an Orange jumpsuit Bowboy! Remember banakashi bobe will have needs when you are away.
    I’d say Orange jumpsuit is an upgrade from the Blue “ovolosi” you used to wear @ Kantolomba Cemetery.
    This Bowboy was SO arrogant when he was under the wings of the Drunken ex-Eagle 1.
    Daily kutuka bantu, mu Zed & diaspora & beating up, even according to Hippo Munyinane, ending an ex neighbours life while the late neighbour cried “monafye wa ndepawile Bowboy”.
    UZAMUZIBA YESU!! No amount of Bootlicking will save you now, this in not baJ0na’z time!!

  12. M@king peace before you spend the rest of your day’s in an Orange jumpsuit B0wboy! Remember ban@kashi bobe will have needs when you are away.
    I’d say Orange jumpsu1t is an upgrade from the Blue “ovolosi” you used to wear @ Kant0l0mba Cemetery.
    This B0wboy was SO arrogant when he was under the wings of the Drunken ex-E@gle 1.
    Daily kutuka b@ntu, mu Zed & diaspora & beating up, even according to Hipp0 Munyin@ne, ending an ex neighbours life while the late neighbour cried “m0nafye wa ndepawile Bowboy”.
    UZAMUZIBA YESU!! No amount of B00tlicking will save you now, this in not baJ0na’z time!!

  13. A thug is being praised, this country is finished and must be closed with immediate effect. we can not go anywhere with such attitudes of praising well known thugs, well known as thugs for their actions and not by defamation

  14. MCS made peace with LPM this was after Levy spare his life by evacuating his most out spoken critique. With the one stroke he save a man who would defeat RB. Turning to the former call boy, bouncer for hire, member of parliament and later mini star (minister) this approach is interesting. First let him apologize to the people he beat up during covid partial lock down…recall he retorted ‘ human rights ! us even human rights we beat let me find them drinking’ second let him publicly apologize to the lady whose children he bore…better still the children so they can carry on with life he need not marry her as he is already married. Lastly let him apologize to the nation by giving back what he knows in his heart was not genuinely acquired after he openly mocked late KK’s son for…

  15. Kikikikiki PF rebranding and he is inching closer to be welcomed as chief UPND PRAISE SINGER LUMBANI MADODA…..kikikikikiki fighting corruption….and looting continues….never trust a Politician…soon you will see HH breaking bread with the so called looters…..theatrical prosecution 9 months in office just running around in circles fooling Zambians….NO JAIL TERM…ALL THE LOOTED MONEY STILL IN THE HANDS OF LOOTERS….TARINO ORANGE AND SPAKA GET READY TO WELCOME LUSAMBO,KAMPYONGO,CHITOTELA,MALNJI,KAMBWILI AND ALL PF BANDITS

  16. He may get all negative vibe or criticisim but honestly speaking the road Lasambo has taken, few can take the road because of pride and criticism….Most of us do it on our death beds….He has my respect

  17. that is NOT courage or swallowing his pride, that’s bu mambala.
    If Lvshambo could afford perfumes for his wife that makes up someone yearly salary or the cost of his bedsheets beeing more than salary of an ACC officer, then he can afford the Makebi. Let him make Makebi a Zambian Billionaire.
    Nizake izo

  18. Well done this is a personal level mutual understanding thiugh I feel including “may have offended” and “misunderstanding” need not be associated with the Lusambo apologies! This Lusambo knew exactly what he was doing and getting at that employing this vocabulary or phrases makes me wonder if he’s suffering amnesia! The atrocities attributed to him and the mayhem of his thug followers as led by him can be considered by individuals in various degrees! I doubt his “repentance” if not crying out for being spared from the tightening noose! Someone has carefully counted the tea leaves and advised Lusambo accordingly! At his age all along he can’t discern insults between intelligent debate?

  19. make peace with those he may have injured.?? Oh I see I gues this means he wont make peace with those he actually injured. Like Kambwili

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