Ten freedom fighters awarded for their contribution to Zambia’s liberation struggle


President Hakainde Hichilema has honoured and awarded ten individuals in recognition of their notable works in Zambia.

Out of these , four people were honoured in the Presidents Medal for Gallantry and included David Suuba, Obed Kachenga and Kenneth Kiyaba for their bravery during their peace keeping mission in Sierra Leon while Mercy Changwe was awarded for fearlessly defending democracy.

And in the Order of the Grand Companion of Freedom, third division were Malina Makhubalo and Violet Simwanza for being expelled from school after they decided to join United national independence party (UNIP) in the liberation struggle of Zambia.

Under the Order of Distinguished Service, first division, President Hichilema honoured Ackim Sakala for his immense dedication to the civil service for 38 years.

Mama Doreen Malambo was equally honored for her dedication and commitment to promoting gender issues in the police service , while Stephen Chan was honoured for his selfless commitment in supporting Karate in Zambia.

The duo were honoured under the Presidents Insignia of Meritorious Achievement.

A traditional leader, Chieftainess Waitwika received the Presidents Insignia of honour for her immense contributions in the fight against early pregnancy, Gender Based Violence ( GBV) and child marriages as well as eradicating poverty in her chiefdom.

This was during the National honours and awards investiture ceremony at State House.

And the awarded expressed delight that their contribution to the nation’s freedom struggle has been recognised by the Head of State.

Chieftainess Waitwika of Nakonde District said she was delighted that President Hichilema considered including her among many other notable freedom fighter on Africa freedom Day.

In line with this year’s Africa Freedom Day theme: Leveraging on national resources and boost food security, Chieftainess Waitwika urged other traditional leaders to encourage their subjects to embrace agriculture activities in an effort to eradicate poverty in their chiefdoms.

And Mr Ackim Sakala said he was happy that his 38 years of serving diligently in the civil service has earned him a recognition award.

Mr. Sakala Called on those serving in the public service to avail themselves as the engine of the nation in facilitating all programmes under service delivery.

“I feel so honoured to be recognized for my service provision in government,” the freedom fighter stated.

And Mercy Changwe said she is grateful to President Hichilema acknowledging her contributions to the United Party for National Development, forming government.


  1. Why are academics rarely honoured? There academics life Professor Kasuka Mwauluka and Professor Mubanga Kashoki who have selflessly served the University of Zambia for more than fifty years and are now old, ailing, and forgotten! Should they only be honoured posthumously?

  2. Stephen Chan was honoured for his selfless commitment in supporting Karate in Zambia. I support football. Cant I be honored?

  3. Africa Day marks vital historical events linked to the emancipation Africans. Bravo to ZNBC for its patriotism to run a documentary on the “creation & demise” of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland. It is good history for our young generations. The document featured Roy Welensky, Gafield Todd & Ian Smith in Rhodesia; Hastings K. Banda, Kanyama Chiume and torture of Rose Chibambo in Malawi; Kenneth Kaunda, Nkumbula and Mama Chikamoneka in Zambia; role of UK’s Harold Macmillan (and his “wind of change in Africa” speech), Ian Macleod and the 1959 – Devlin Commission. Which African leader in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe would today sink so low to reverse gains of independence and allow his nationals to be subjected to inhuman treatment of Africans? Yet the white racists, Brunthesrt…

  4. Yet the truth that has prevailed in southern Africa reveals that the white racists still religiously believe that cats and dogs are better God’s creatures than the indigenous Africans. Some world powers acting through the Bruntherst Foundation – and including the likes of the Guptas in South Africa and the Vedantas in Zambia have set out to exploit Africa’s mineral resources to the economic detriment of the Africans. Zambian academics in our Universities must be courageous to document the correct history for this country.

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