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Government enjoys bilateral relations with Russia-Kasanda


Ministry of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda says the Government values the long-standing relations between Zambia and Russia.

Ms Kasanda says since 1964, Zambia and Russia have maintained mutual beneficial relations which are highly valued by the Zambian government.

Speaking when Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Azim Yarakhmedov paid a courtesy call on her at her office in Lusaka, Ms Kasanda said the agreements are critical to Zambia’s economic transformation agenda and the further consolidation of the bilateral relations it shares with Russia.

She said the Zambian government under the new Administration remains committed to the full implementation of agreements signed with Russia in various sectors including energy, health, education and Science and technology among others.

“As a regional economic hub, the Zambian government wishes to explore new areas of cooperation with the Russian government that will serve as a key drivers of economic growth and development for the two countries,” She said.

She said Russia’s utmost importance to the Zambian government is its foreign policy focus and economic diplomacy which feeds into economic transformation agenda for Zambia.

Ms Kasanda further explained that in the media sector, government is focusing on three key areas namely editorial independence, media self-regulation and public access to information among others.

She said government believes that a free and independent media is cardinal in the development of the country, hence its commitment to change the narrative in the media sector so that it can truly and freely set its own agenda.

The Minister added that as a strong advocate of global peace, the Zambian government continues to encourage diplomatic dialogue between Russia and Ukraine which will result in diplomatic resolution of the conflict.

And Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Azim Yarakhmedov said Russia and Zambia enjoys cordial relations since time immemorial in all sectors of the economy among others.

Mr Yarakhmedov explained that his Embassy saw it fit to pay a courtesy call on the Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda, who is also Chief government Spokesperson in order to discuss matters of cooperation.

He also said that there is need to create a link between Russian and Zambian media in a quest to foster and enhance mutual understanding between the two countries as the media plays a critical role in sensitising the public.

“I wish to state that Russia has strong relations with Zambia spanning many years ago where Russia does a lot of activities in the area of energy, health, education and science and technology among others,” he said



  2. Only under pf. Your president picked western world who don’t care about us but want our resources. Russia hates upnd

  3. Not a word on the ridiculous and criminal attack on Ukraine by Russia. And the HUNGER in many African countries because Russia blocks the grain export from Ukraine. So Zambia is now also RESPONSIBLE for Africans DYING. Well done UPND government! NOT!

  4. This young empty head G12 girl does not know what she is talking about…she has no clue what her govt’s foreign policy is even if the have one…is your govt not the one that voted against the invasion of Russian into Ukraine? If you value your bilateral relations you would have abstained….she is an empty suit this lady only there to make up the numbers for women in cabinet. I think her hubby must have been a massive donor to the UPND whilst in opposition.

    1) All those who were screaming and making a big deal out of Zambia`s vote for the resolution on Russia`s agression against Ukraine, should take note that in reality there was NO impact on existing relationship with Russia. If there was any, Azim Yarakhmedov would NOT have kept silent. So, Zambian Vote at UN was the right decision, and worthy of applauding. We can Close this discussion once & for all.
    2) Quote: “…..government believes that a free and independent media is cardinal in the development of the country,” End Quote. Madam, Chushi Kasanda, talking to Russia about “free and independent media” is like talking to a brickwall. UNLESS madam, your objective was tyo appeal to Russia to be more open. Otherwise, there is nothing to laern from Russia in this area.

  6. Am extremely disappointed with this minister’s statement, Russia is not your friend, remember you are black. Putin is hardcore wicked.

  7. The Russians are slaughtering innocent Ukrainian in a useless war and she found time to entertain the clown of an ambassador without grilling him about the pointless war.

  8. Only those countries that are puppets of the US hate russia… america is responsible for fuelling russophobia across the globe through their mainstream media because russia has prevented them from carrying out senseless regime changes talk of syria- the russian rockets and missiles roasted the US funded ISIS. Americans are brainwashed by their leaders.

  9. Tike Myson – you have zero idea about Russia…who so you think assisted you in the liberation struggle? You absolutely have no clue

  10. @10 Tike Myson, Russia and any other country temunoobe and also munoobe depending on the coincidence of interest! Right now check how Zambians are on Russian Scholarships in various fields and how many are say in the US or EU countries? Russia under the USSR helped liberate a good number of African countries from British, French and Portuguese colonialism. Where or what was US doing when her allies were oppressing Africans? So, mune, Russia can also be umunoobe!!

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