Farmers call for early input distribution for 2022/2023 farming season


Farmers in Lusaka province have reiterated their call for early distribution of inputs for the 2022/2023 farming season.

Stressing that this is to lessen the difficulties in accessing commodities and accelerate farming activities in the region , the farmers say the delay in the input distribution contributes to low yields and losses.

Speaking during the West Block Agriculture and Commercial Show Chairperson for the west block farmers, the farmers spokesperson Kebby Mulimbika explained that each year crops get destroyed by army worms as a result of late distribution of chemicals thereby compromising on the yield.

Mr Mulimbika however government for its continued support towards productivity through the formation of cooperatives and enhanced skills that enable farmers to compete favorably on the market.

“ As farmers we are positive that with the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation, more farmers will benefit from the program,” he said.

He further called for modalities to be clear on how funds can be accessed, as the majority of cooperatives and women groups lack knowledge and information on how to access CDF funds.

And Lusaka District Commissioner (DC) Rosa Zulu implored farmers to utilize the services of extension officers in the district.

Speaking when she graced the event Mrs Zulu said the scenario will help farmers to enhance their productivity, farm revenue, reduce poverty, and minimize food insecurity.

Reducing hunger and promoting food security are rooted in increasing agricultural productivity especially for small scale farmers who are the majority of farmers feeding communities in the country, she emphasised.

President Hakainde Hichilema values the agriculture sector because it is the engine of growth for Zambia’s economy and that support towards farmers through various initiatives such as Fertilizer Input Support Programme (FISP) and others will continue.


  1. With fertilizer fetching about K1000 per bag , most of these will be sold by farmers anyway as it will be more profitable than actually growing the maize.

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