Abolish TV Levy and introduce Education Levy instead, advises NAQEZ


The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia has proposed the abolition of TV Levy and replace it with an Education Levy.

Organisation Executive Director Aaron Chansa says having an Education Levy will be more beneficial to Zambia than the TV tax.

Mr. Chansa has argued that the proposed introduction of the Education Tax will heavily resource the education sector and create the necessary base for the much needed economic take off.

We are of a considered view that having Education levy will be more beneficial to Zambia than the TV tax. The proposed tax will heavily resource the education sector and create the necessary base for the much needed economic take off,” Mr. Chansa said.

“With more than 1.5 million desks needed in schools,more than 100,000 teachers wanted in schools,more than 150,000 houses needed for teachers ,more than 3 millions Computers required for use in schools, inadequate funding to some schools,with critical shortages of classroom spaces ,the great need to improve conditions of service for teachers and the urgent need to adequately finance higher education, the New Dawn Government will have to “bite the bullet” and make this monumental, popular and futuristic decision,” he said.

Mr. Chansa said Zambia is struggling to sustainably develop because of the poor quality of education.

“And the education sector is acutely funded because successive Governments have deliberately ignored the fact that no country has ever developed with poor quality of education.Zambia is facing great difficulties in attaining most targets of Sustainable Development Goal number 4 because the education sector gets less than 20% of the national budget.”

He added, “As a Country ,we are remaining with only eight years to go before facing the world to account for the Vision 2030. The nation now has a golden opportunity to make the the right decision through the 2023 National budget.”

“We, therefore, strongly appeal to the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the Minister of Finance ,Mr Situmbeko Musokotwane to seriously consider introducing Education Levy. This will be for the good of our Country.”


  1. Any Zambian that gets 34% of his salary deducted monthly as PAYE wouldn’t support such an obnoxious proposal. It’s like you stand in a bucket, pull the hand and then try to hoist yourself up. Zambian taxes target the few in formal employment. GRZ is the largest single employer so a larger % of PAYE is by civil servants who’re on its payroll. So it’s the same money going out through one window and coming back through another. If you want more money tax the mines! We already have the Skills Levy so what more do you want? And these taxes don’t even work. Rural Electrification Levy, Fuel Levy, Toll Fees, etc do we see any improvement in the targeted sectors? It’s better to keep quiet than try to look clever with such proposals

  2. The is a good idea
    Tv levy b*******!!!*t
    Education levy sound’s more beneficial to the national than the meanless tv levy.
    Despite Zambians paying tv levy,the programs are still cheap and useless

  3. My Friend, we have free education, we don’t need taxes on over burdened citizens. Just shut up if you do not have anything to say. shaaa!

  4. We had a medical levy that yeilded nothing, a TV levy that yeilded nothing, other levies that yeilded nothing… No more levies, not even education levy, that’s just overburdening the few tax payers

  5. We don’t need any type levy. We are paying tax and that is enough. Tv levy hasn’t improved content or programming one bit and there is no guarantee any other levy will do it either.

  6. You can abolish the TV levy.The PF got that loan from China for the digital migration.As a consequence the Chinese firm Startimes collects money from content providers as well as the TV levy for the next 35 years.

  7. Let’s look at it this way, I don’t have school going children, my grandchildren go to private schools…so what am I going to pay for? I have a tv so I know exactly what I am paying for. After all it’s free education…

  8. Stop being silly. We pay for education with our taxes and you want to add to this tax? Just abolish the TV levy. The state should stop running DeadNBC and let it fund itself. That way we dont pay any levy for this.

  9. The problem is with our GRZ, introducing this or that nothing will work,where does the Toll fees go,fuel levy? the list will go on.let the GRZ come out of sleep and go for the informal sector to tax them also as its happening in some other countries.Many will agree with me, off let weve seen a lot of shops being erected in the walls of our wall fences,some well stocked and some are wholesales within our vicinity,why cant ZRA go tap into all this moreover these people doesnt pay anything to the councils,engage in school leavers on temporary basis to go round and help you collect the much needed tax from the compounds or stop giving tax concessions to the mines and do the right thing, so we dont even go to IMF.

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