Luapula set for a multi-million Kwacha Cannabis Farm to be run by Zambia National Service

Loose cannabis seized by Drug Enforcement Commission in Mambwe District
Loose cannabis seized by Drug Enforcement Commission in Mambwe District

Zambia National Service says plans are under way to put up a multi-million kwacha Cannabis farm in Luapula Province.

Zambia National Service Commander Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi says land for the establishment of the farm has already been identified in Mwense District adding that modalities are being considered towards the establishment of the farm.

Speaking when he called on Luapula Province Minister at his office today, Lt General Solochi disclosed that the traditional leadership has already released land where the cannabis farm will be established.

“This farm will be an industrial one as it will not only end at cultivating the cannabis but it will also process it so that we can add value to it,” said Lt. Gen Solochi.

He observes that Luapula Province has very good climate and that the command will explore more areas where they can put up various farms for Agricultural activities.

Lt General Solochi added that his defence wing intends to start a fish farming project in the Province adding that plans have advanced on the number of fish ponds to be set up.

“We want to utilise the available natural water resources which Luapula has by venturing into fish farming through the putting up of big fish ponds like we are currently doing in Chanyanya,” He disclosed.

Luapula Province is of great interest to the Zambia National Service hence , the Defence will continue to explore ways ensuring that it contribute to the country’s food security.

And Luapula Province Minister Derricky Chilundika observes that the coming of Zambia National Service in the Province will boost the agriculture sector.

Mr Chilundika observed that with Zambia National Service coming in the province, the potential of the region will be realized.

“Luapula can be the country’s food basket, due to its potential which has remained untapped, all that is needed is to have more investments in the agriculture sector hence your decision to expand your activities in the Province is most welcome, as it will go a long way in realised the potential,” he said.

Mr. Chilundika points out that the Provincial administration is ready to work with the Zambia National Service in improving agriculture activities in the Province.


  1. Don’t be tempted to grow the industrial potent GMO varieties…………

    Grow natural weed , there is a demand for none GMO weed, the GMO varietiesbeing too potent ……..

    The GMO varieties are grown in people rooms in the west and are not favoured by weed conosures and vast majoirty of mature weed smokers…….


  3. We already know that many upnd thugs are already lined up to benefit whilst many neutral and pf supporting youth have been sidelined. Upnd Will burn in hell. Kaleza

  4. Peter sinkamba even paid fines for PF minister thugs…………

    Betting PF will retain power and the weed industry was his………….

  5. Information on the cannabis project is still vague. There’s no info on the targeted market and how ZNS, which is Zambia’s military wing, will conduct trade. Now Lt General Solochi has brought value addition, up to which level will the controlled plant be processed? So it’s difficult to make a fair comment without that info. As for fish farming, it’s even overdue because Zambia has been a net importer of fish for a long time now. Luapula has many under-utilized water bodies that ZNS can take advantage of. Fish has been the mainstay of the Luapula economy and people have failed to switch to crop cultivation even with dwindled fish resources. So fish farming can help restore people’s lives

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