ZULAWU elects new leadership

ZULAWU meeting
ZULAWU meeting

The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) has elected Emmanuel Mwinsa as its new President at the 13th Quadrennial Conference held in Livingstone from 26-28 May, 2022.

Mr. Mwinsa polled 282 votes to beat his closest rival Royd M Simfukwe, who received 19 votes and John S Mulowa who collected 07 votes in the ZULAWU presidential race.

Since July, 2021, Mr. Mwinsa had been acting as ZULAWU president after the death of Kingsley Zulu, who was the union president at the time.

Mr. Mwinsa has in the past served in ZULAWU as General Secretary and deputy Secretary General.

The 13th Quadrennial Conference further elected Lawrence Muhetu as ZULAWU Vice President, Machushi Mulenga as General Secretary, Mwansa Joseph is Deputy General Secretary while David Mubiana was elected Financial Secretary and Andrew Nyirenda has become Deputy Financial Secretary.

The new ZULAWU National Trustees are Cleopatra Lubasi, Violet Mumba, Clement Loloji and Emmanuel Mangalashi.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwinsa has hailed his election as victory for ZULAWU and local authorities in the country.

“As President elect and on behalf of all the elected members of the 13th National Executive Committee of ZULAWU we sincerely thank all the delegates from the 116 Local Authorities of the Republic of Zambia, National Housing Authority and the Copperbelt Solid Waste Management Company for participating in the 13th Quadrennial Conference held in Livingstone from 26th May to 28th May, 2022 at the ZAF Banquet Hall.
Through this Quadrennial Conference delegates exercised their Constitutional Right by electing members of the National Executive Committee, National Women’s Committee and the National Youth Committee,” Mr. Mwinsa said after the elections.

“As President elect, I would like to thank all the candidates that made it to occupy the constitutional positions through the electoral process and also thank and respect the decision made by the members.I also thank my two comrades who participated in this election on the position of President together with their candidates.Now that the members have decided to give us the mandate as the 13th National Executive Committee, it is time to go down and serve our members as per expectation, considering a number of issues that affect our members in their line of duty that needs to be resolved.
As a Leadership we shall therefore, continue to accommodate all the members and tap more ideas through an open door policy which shall be our cornerstone,” he stated.

ZULAWU new leadership
ZULAWU new leadership

Mr. Mwinsa pledged his leadership’s commitment to serving the general membership diligently.

He also spared words of gratitude for dignitaries and observes at the conference.

“On behalf of the 13th National Executive Committee, the Union Secretariat and all the delegates we convey our gratitude to the Minister of Local Government & Rural Development Hon. Garry Nkombo, the Commission Chairperson for the Local Government Service Commission Hon. Ackson Sejani, the ZCTU Secretary General Comerade Cosmas Mukuka and all the affiliate Unions of ZCTU for gracing our Conference.We also sincerely thank the former President of ZULAWU Honourable Misheck Nyambose (MP), Our Generals; Mr. Oast J Choongo and Mr. Alfred Mudenda for participating in the 13th Quadrennial Conference and for the mentorship that was offered to the delegates and to the newly elected officials.We shall remain committed as a Leadership and all our members in serving the Government of the Day, the New Dawn Administration,” Mr. Mwinsa concluded.


  1. Unions are totally powerless in Zambia because they never want to cooperate with other unions and refuse to work together with employers. I will NEVER waste any money on membership fees!

  2. ZULAWU used to be one of the biggest Unions. Now elections just attract those with vested interests especially Union leaders. The person that dishes out more money to delegates get elected. There’s nothing exciting for the general membership.

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