Chipolopolo Defeat Hits Asanovic


Friday’s loss against Cote d’Ivoire has left Chipolopolo coach Aljosa Asanovic very disappointed.

Chipolopolo kicked off the battle to redeem themselves from three successive AFCON flops with a heavy setback when they lost 3-1 away to Cote d’Ivoire in Yamoussoukro.

The result saw Chipolopolo slump to the bottom of Group H while Cote d’Ivoire took top spot with five games left in which the lone team from Group H will join the latter at the tournament they will host from June 23 to July 23, 2023.

“My team wasn’t looking very well because we lost concentration sometimes in the game because Ivory Coast controlled the game well,” Asanovic said.

The floodgates opened in the 67th minute through Serge Aurier, Christian Kouame added goal number two in the 76th minute and Ibrahima Sangare scored the final goal in the 89th minute.

Patson Daka then scored Zambia’s consolation goal in stoppage time.

“But anyway, we will continue working hard me and my team. We know our target but tonight we did not show our quality,” Asanovic said.

“But you know, I am very disappointed with the reaction from my boys but sometimes when you play against the Ivory Coast you can think you have a chance but tonight we did not concentrate.”

Chipolopolo now head back to Lusaka where they host Comoros ion Tuesday at National Heroes Stadium.

Comoros are second after beating third paced Lesotho 2-0 at home on Friday afternoon.


  1. Zambia will not win a single competition under the rule of the evil upnd regime. When you sideline God and religion you bring bad luck on yourself. We won afcon under the blessed leadership of pf.

  2. Zambia will not win a single competition under the rule of the eviI upnd regime. When you sideline G0d and religi0n you bring bad luck on yourself. We won afc0n under the blessed Ieadership of pf.

  3. We need to stop giving our opponents so much room to express themselves, instead, disrupt their rhythm, stop the cross, confront and engage them at every stage, make them work hard for any chances they get!!
    We also need a more combative and tactically aware No 6, a cross between John Lungu and Derby Makinka, PLUS changes at 2 and 3 positions…


  4. You fans are advising the team on the basics of football now??? Then there’s no hope. A national team that has won AFCON before should know all those basics you are trying to throw about. All the coach needs to do is strategise. If you follow football you should have heard one Harry Redknapp talking about the difference between coaching a national team and coaching a club. The national team coach doesnt need to teach players how to pass at speed or how to control a hard ball from the air down to the ground. However, Iam really wondering whether Mr Asanovic is the right coach.

  5. We need a team that will work with fans identifying national team material lacal and international not experiment Wich will result to be suspected of corruption when picking these players.

  6. The Ministry of Sports is one of the smaller ministries that the only time they have bigger expenditure is when they involved with the senior National Football team. My caution to Elvis Nkandu and Jason Kabanana is that they should be careful with what they’re doing. They can’t discover that Mahogany airlines was a $180,000 more expensive than ProFlight after the trip failed. It’s clear they didn’t follow the minimum 3 quotations requirement for GRZ procurement. Mahogany was single sourced and if the trip didn’t fail we were going to only know about after being arrested. They’ll be exposed when Beene gives his side of the story. I doubt if the whole $275000 will be recovered

  7. There’s only one solution. The FAZ Executive must resign or be forced out. Too many excuses.

  8. @Jonas Zebiggie To all Chipolopolo fans I think we should protest. We should petition the current FAZ executive to resign. They are wasting our time and our hardearned taxpayers’ resource. They should voluntarily resign

  9. Are the next homegame can we protest for FAZ to resign through banners, posters and chants. Kamanga Zwa! Loser Kamanga Go!

  10. I hate Kings Kangwa and that ka Prince Mumba. Very styupid boys.
    There were 4 players who shouldn’t have started that game. Players who could show character were on bench, these players can play midfield:
    Dominic Chanda
    Miguel Chaiwa
    Shemmy Mayembe
    Ricky Banda
    Could not lose heart.

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