Early childhood learning key in shaping the future-Kasanda

Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda
Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda

Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda says early childhood education is critical in shaping the future of children.

Ms Kasanda who is also Chief Government Spokesperson noted that children will only contribute meaningfully to the development of the country in their adulthood life if they receive quality education at an early stage in life.

She said the government recognises the importance education plays in the life of an individual hence its decision to introduce free education.

Ms Kasanda said this when she flagged off the Amy Ladies Association of Zambia Fundraising Walk at Central Mall in Kabulonga.

The fundraising walk is aimed at raising funds to complete the construction of a nursery school in Arakan Barracks.

Ms Kasanda said the gesture demonstrated by the Army Ladies Association of Zambia to raise funds for the completion of the construction of a nursery school is gratifying.

She expressed optimism that once completed children will receive quality education to better their future.

Ms Kasanda stressed that education is a key equaliser and an important inheritance that every parent should endeavor to provide for the children.

The Minister has since commended the association for supplementing government efforts in providing quality education to children at an early stage as it is in line with the new dawn administrations education policy.

“I must say, this is commendable and in line with our belief and policy as a government that every child must be given a chance and an opportunity to obtain an education.”

Ms Kasanda emphasised that every child despite their socioeconomic background must have access to quality education if they are to grow into responsible adults and useful citizens.

Speaking earlier at the same event, Army Ladies Association of Zambia Patron, Stella Alibuzwi says the school project requires over three hundred thousand kwacha for the facility to be completed.

Mrs Alibuzwi informed the Minister of Information and Media that the funds to be raised from the fundraising walk will go towards completing the remaining works which include, doors and window installation, plumbing, plastering and electrical installation.

She further highlighted that the association decided to embark on the school project after noticing the need for an early childhood facility in the barracks.


  1. Chief Govt Spokeswoman who is never trusted to talk about critical issues affecting the country…what an empty suit she is, simply there for gender numbers.

  2. Kasanda also needs to enrol onto an early childhood English course. However , tarinos comments come from a place of malice and hurt. She refused your advances “mate”. Get over it

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