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Read my lips, there will be no cadreism: Another Hichilema’s failing promise


By Venus N Msyani

“Read my lips, there will be no cadreism” is another president Hakainde Hichilema’s failing promise.

It appears cadreism Zambia is experiencing at the moment is not cadreism to President Hichilema. If it were, the president would have started condemning to defend his promise.

Recently cadres held a press briefing at court ground calling for changes in the judiciary. That is first class cadreism.

Appearing on Diamond TV program on Monday May 23rd, 2022, United Party for National Development (UPND) national youth chairperson, Gilbert Liswaniso mentioned rehabilitation as a new way of dealing with people “insulting” President Hakainde Hichilema. Hoping is not intimidation and bullying.

According to Mr. Liswaniso, anyone who criticizes the president is not normal. Such person needs rehabilitation.

“We will try by all means to ensure that the types of Nakachinda, Bowman Lusambo, all those individuals, are just few individuals because they are not many. We will rehabilitate them to become normal and is us in UPND to show them.” Mr. Liswaniso has declared.

Patriotic Front (PF) Information and Publicity Chairperson Raphael Nakachinda claim to use his binoculars to zoom President Hichilema performance and uses his Facebook page to report what he observes.

He has been absent on his Facebook page for about two weeks now. Before disappearing, Mr. Nakachinda had posted a short video on his page complaining about UPND cadres plotting to torture him.

It is very possible Mr. Nakachinda is being intimidated and bullied by Mr. Liswaniso and his team.

Another mentioned critic Bowman Lusambo has apologized to President Hakainde Hichilema. The surprising party of it is that the Kabushi MP now believes President Hichilema’s fight against corruption is noble!

“We believe this fight is noble and intended to help develop Zambia. If there are any resources that belong to Zambia that may have been looted, they should be recovered and rechanneled for the benefit of all.” Mr. Lusambo wrote on his Facebook page while concluding his apology to HH.

One would not be wrong to conclude that Hon. Lusambo has been rehabilitated by Mr. Liswaniso and his team; cadres.

Who knows, it could be through intimidation and bullying. This is a person who few days ago the fight against corruption had left him homeless!

“Read my lips, there will be no cadreism” is another Hichilema’s failing promise. Political intimidation and bullying is real.


  1. You should be completely out of your mind if you don’t appreciate progress made towards elimination of caderism.
    If China says ” Zero tolerance to COVID , does it mean that COVID disappears the same day?
    Some of us who were affected by caderism in markets understand better than this author.

  2. You only see cadres if you don’t belong to the ruling party. You don’t see cadres if you belong to the ruling party…. you feel it’s your right to harass people with dissenting opinions, it’s not caderism. Let’s leave at that.

  3. Hh is a dreamer and psychopathic liar. Those that attended university with him at unza can vouch for me. This is a guy who claims that an unfinished house in kalingalinga made him a billionaire. Only his fellow f00Iish upnd members buy his shlt

  4. The most stuoid article i have seen in years. Twisti g facts, lying through his teeth with straight face and with no shame to acknowlege the improvements in all that

  5. You are a dum asss……….

    Zambians don’t see the caders as they know them, those………

    brutalising anyone not wearing green or holding and denting views or the ones that held them at ransom at trading places…………

  6. If true, this is a sad, sad situation we find ourselves in again! Do we need micro managing..I think not! But, let’s not despair – there is hope yet! What goes up, must always come down to earth. Needless to say therefore, lead a measured noble life, and your comeuppance might be measured too!

    #plant a tree please.

  7. Caders are human Beings who will never stop to exist but what we appreciate is the freedom we are enjoying now. They are not in bust stops collecting levies like it was with PF, they are not at Intercity harassing anyone, hey are not beating anyone for wearing what they want, they are not going in offices beating Civil servants. Let us appreciate the progress made thus far. It is so different from what we saw in the last 10, years. Bally has achieved on this front

  8. Those are party sympathisers………..

    Not caders……..

    Caders are those that would beat up anyone wearing green…………

    Or beat up any protesters ………..

    Or extort money from the public………..

    Or steal council plots with impunity and brat up police officers ……….

    Those are caders , ……..


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