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PS urges Shiwang’andu civil servants to shift allegiance to new government


Civil servants in Shiwang`andu district in Muchinga Province have been urged to shift their allegiance to the new dawn administration.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary, Henry Mukungule, implored civil servants to realign their loyalty to the current government.

Mr. Mukungule said it is imperative for civil servants to adjust to the policies of the new dawn administration, adding that it will be difficult for them to implement policies of government if they fail to realign allegiance.

He was speaking to heads of government departments when he paid a courtesy call on Shiwang`andu District Commissioner, Maureen Bwembya, at her office yesterday.

“I know that Shiwang’andu is politically highly charged. The guiding principle is that civil servants should support the government of the day and ensure that the policies of the government are implemented,” said Mr. Mukungule.

The Permanent Secretary has further urged civil servants to read and understand the United Party for National Development (UPND) party manifesto so that policies can be effectively implemented.

“Let us work to meet the vision of President Hakainde Hichilema through service delivery in the various departments” he said.

Mr. Mukungule has meanwhile warned civil servants that disciplinary action will be fast tracked as cases will now be handled at the provincial level.

He said there will be no surrendering or transferring of erring officers to other provinces before disciplinary action is taken on them.

He has since appealed to civil servants to safeguard their jobs by portraying a required standard of behaviour at work.

Shiwang`andu District Commissioner, Maureen Bwembya, complained about a high number of stalled major projects in the district.

The stalled projects include Shiwang’andu police station, civic centre, housing units for civil servants and Matumbo boarding secondary school.

Ms. Bwembya said the stalled projects have hindered the effective service delivery.

She has, therefore, appealed to the Permanent Secretary to assist in lobbying for the completion of the stalled projects.

Ms. Bwembya also disclosed that most of the departments in the district are facing transport challenges.

She said inadequate transport in various departments hampers their performance.

In reaction, Mr. Mukungule, has assured Shiwang`andu District Commissioner that projects that are above 80 percent done will be completed this year.

He disclosed that Matumbo boarding secondary school is one of the projects earmarked for completion this year.

Mr. Mukungule also said government understands the importance of transport in the service delivery and plans are underway to procure new vehicles in the next budget.

He has since advised the departments to repair non-functional vehicles until the government buys new ones.


  1. Civil servants’ allegiance is with the Government not with a political party. As a civil servant you must be above politics and work diligently and honestly for your country. PS is speaking as a cadre of party that has appointed him. He will spend five years campaigning for his party at the expense of progress.

  2. Very true deja vu. A politically appointed PS can’t separate his party from government. That’s why PSs in any respectable democracy rise from the ranks or are recruited by a professional body such as the civil service commission. Zambian presidents have seen there’s weak opposition to them appointing party cares and therefore have continued with this self serving habit. What will a political appointee do in five years? Nothing except sing party slogans in disguise. At the end of the month he has a salary and can make deals for fake tenders. Zambians need to wake up about this continuous theft ridden imposition from our presidents

  3. I agree with Deja Vu also. The PS is actually advising civil servants to support the ruling party instead of advising them to serve the government of the day. Civil servants are supposed to be nonpartisan, although as individuals they have the right to belong to any political party of their choice. This is the reason why civil servants, like other citizens, are allowed to exercise their democratic right to choose candidates of their choice during election times.

  4. Civil servant is a person providing service to all people.Could it be a wonder to see the civil service failing to provide proper service to all people because of outside interference.Civil servants are non partisan when executing their duties.They serve all people regardless of where they come from.Please give people opportunities because they are tired of waiting.

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