Thabo Mbeki to deliver inaugural KK Memorial Public Lecture

First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda welcomes former South African president Thabo Mbeki on arrival at Hotel InterContinental in Lusaka for the Golden Jubilee State Banquet on October 23,2014-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a local think tank, has announced that former South African President Thabo Mbeki is set to deliver the inaugural Kenneth Kaunda Memorial Public Lecture on June 30.

Speaking during a press briefing to announce the launch of inaugural Memorial Public Lecture and commemorative activities to celebrate Dr. Kaunda’s legacy in Lusaka, CPD Executive Director, Caroline Katotobwe disclosed that Mr. Mbeki is set to deliver the inaugural KK Memorial Public Lecture later this month after accepting an invitation to speak at the event.

The CPD and Kenneth Kaunda Foundation announced the launch of the inaugural KK Memorial Lecture and commemorative activities to celebrate Dr. Kaunda’s contribution to Zambian political life.

Dr. Kaunda passed away on June 17, 2021.

She said, “The second day of the commemorative activities will include the Memorial Public Lecture, which we are proud to announce will be delivered by former South African President, His Excellency Thabo Mbeki.”

And Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary, Evans Muhanga, says Government is targeting to establish a Kenneth Kaunda Memorial Museum to preserve the founding Republican President’s legacy for posterity.

Mr. Muhanga announced that the Ministry, through the National Museums Board was envisaging on establishing the KK Memorial Museum to preserve Dr. Kaunda’s legacy for posterity.

He told journalists that Government was currently engaging various stakeholders, including the private sector, on pursuing the venture to celebrate the first Republican President’s legacy.

Muhanga said, “the Ministry of Tourism is very much interested in the life and legacy of the founding father of the nation. The Ministry, through the National Museums Board, is envisaging establishing Kenneth Kaunda Memorial Museum to preserve his legacy for posterity.”

“It is out of this envisaged museum’s public programmes that public lecturers about the icon of Zambia and the gallant son of Africa will be conducted. Therefore, this is a great initiative for CPD and other stakeholders holding such activities to preserve our founding father of the nation. May this spirit continue.”

Mr. Muhanga observed that part of Dr. Kaunda’s legacy was one of activism, even after retiring from active politics in 1998, with his most notable contribution being the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Kaunda Children of Africa Foundation Vice-President and CEO, Sunday Musonda, explained that the annual event would provide a deep reflection on the life, times and contributions of Dr. Kaunda.

The two-day exhibition, due to happen at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC), will showcase a colloquium, or a seminar, to be held on the 29th of June and shall involve five-six academic presentations on the life and work of Dr. Kaunda, while the Public Lecture will be delivered on the 30th of June, 2022.

The colloquium, scheduled to happen on 29th June, will be opened by a keynote address by Joachim Chissano, the former Mozambican President.

A total of 500 people will be expected to attend the two-day event.


  1. I hope KK’s orphans won’t come and claim a share of whatever from this event in which they haven’t played any role in making

  2. Many issues to be addressed for you journalists to probe. Since the death of KK, the last pan Africanist has the idea of one united States of Africa died?
    He should also address xenophobia. It’s made in South Africa. And in that country, it’s accompanied by daylight murder which the police do nothing about
    Is that democracy?

  3. What is he going to talk about? This guy is very Xenophobic-He was recently interviewed to air his views on the Dudula movement & he was the only notable figure that publicly declared his support yet outside he is respected as a pan africanist when not. I personally all my life respected him as being that but until you personally hear him speak on any issue then you will know how a lost mediocre he is. He is not even liked here in South Africa too becos of his misplaced judgement-always out of touch with reality but imposes his own useless theories.

  4. Shouldnt they ve asked someone else to be a speaker at this forum? Even Nana Akkufo or Montlate or Former Mozambican president would ve carried more weight, than this wilderness grasshopper.

  5. True, Mbeki came across as a Pan Africanist when he was president. Actually the last pan Africanists were Gaddafi and Kaunda. Since leaving the presidency Mbeki likes playing to the gallery. Mainly to the poorly educated ignorant South African gallery who know nothing about their own history as Africans. Yes South Africans generally have poor education and know nothing about the rest of africa and the world. Because of the conditioning from apartheid they are experts at very frivolous discrimination arising from a shallow perspective of “them and us”. Capitalists usually manipulate them because of this.
    People who only want to satisfy their immediate hunger are easy to manipulate with money. For this Mbeki was the wrong choice unless he can address South Africa’s isolation from the…

  6. Mark my words he will play to the gallery. Instead of addressing the problems Africa faces. The problems that prevent Africa from progressing.

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