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Zambia Airways to launch Joburg route on July 1st


Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali has announced that Zambia Airways will commence international flights to Johannesburg, South Africa on 1st July, 2022.

Speaking at the launch of a central ticketing office at East Park Mall, Mr Tayali says the maiden flight to South Africa in the first week of July converges with the upcoming holidays of Heroes and Unity days.

Mr Tayali says as the national flag carrier commences flights to South Africa, government looks forward to strengthening ties between the two countries through Zambia Airways.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Zambia Airways will start flights to Johannesburg on 1st July 2022. This maiden flight to South Africa in the first week of July coincides with the upcoming holidays of the Heroes and Unity Days. Indeed, this is the time for New Dawns, new horizons and new developments in Zambia,” he said.

The Minister added that the launch of the airline’s central ticketing office marked another milestone in the journey of the growth of the national carrier, and was a promise of a better experience for customers as they interact with the airline.

He said Zambia Airways had already scored successes, including being the first national airline in Africa to ensure cabin safety using high-technology Ultraviolet-C disinfection robots.

And Mr Tayali says the Ministry is in the process of developing the aviation sector strategic plan whose ultimate goal will be to develop capacity, air traffic, economic development and stakeholder collaboration which is also expected to impact all sector players.

Meanwhile, Zambia Airways Chief Executive Officer Abiy Astrat Jiru says the airline’s revenue has tripled over the last 100 days of operation with about K1 million added monthly.

Mr Jiru says new and bigger aircrafts are expected into the country for Zambia Airways as talks with manufacturers are already underway.


  1. GRZ gets away with mere descriptions of taxpayers’ projects.

    Above article is warning bell how UPND new dawn administration is drifting to announcing mere description of Taxpayer project.

    Taxpayers need to demand from this administration; 1) The action of introducing things. 2) Giving an account in words of somethings including all the relevant characteristics. 3) turn to and adopt so as to solve a difficult situation.
    4) Decision reached by reasoning.

    GRZ what’s going on?

  2. Why is Tayali even making these announcements when this airline starts to fail you will distance yourselves from it and say its an IDC company. That route is already conjested…you have our private local airlines on that route. You are simply promoting Ethophian airlines and there is nothing national about this airline. I hear the Ethophians always have someone on board to spy on Zambian staff.

  3. You cant blame the new dawn for that,they didnt sign this deal nor are they the ones that gave Zambia Airway to the Ethiopeans. As the Ethiopeans bought those rights from the PF & they ve been investing since 4years ago,so the new GRZ cant jst come now & within 8months cancel the deal-No! There was an made & signed. Until that agreement expires, Zambia airways is for Ethiopean Airlines. Or until the time GRZ decides to pay Ethiopean Airlines back for all their investments in the past 4yrs. For now, Your sales point as Zambians is that you ll ve an Airline with the world Zambia on it-this is national pride be proud guys its means alot and sells the country to the world-self advertisement.

  4. This whole Zambia Airways project is one huge PF blunder and I dont understand why the New Dawn Govt even embraced if for God’s sake… would have been cheaper to terminate the contract with Ethiopian Airlines than allow this so called “national airline” to be launched.How will they make money on the Joburg route when there are already five airlines including two private Zambian operators servicing this route ????

    I hope Dr.Musokotwane is keeping an eye on the terrible losses that this thing is making.The day it fails,Zambians will not blame the PF but the New Dawn Govt….It will drain the IDC off all its money very soon..meanwhile the Ethiopians are sitting pretty,just waiting for their USD 250,000 in so called management fees every three months !!

  5. There is nothing for Zambians to be proud of about this Zambia Airways thing….
    the aircraft are registered in Ethiopia and maintained in Ethiopia.When this airline collapses very soon,the only thing Zambians will be left with are a few pieces of furniture,some computers and maybe a motor vehicle or two.The aircraft are NOT ours.
    How will the New Dawn Govt account for the USD 30 Million spent on this project ????

  6. Aisha – you want an aircraft to fly to Lilongwe to pickup 2 passengers? Like Kenya Airways does in Harare…it only detours there to refuel as A1 jet fuel is cheaper..

  7. THE CITIZEN – Exactly this project should have been terminated…we haven’t even been told how much it made in the first quarter of the financial year.

  8. Another mile stone by upnd. They have stablish the airline,..yet people say they are not doing anything.employed teachers,nurses .they have set up fly over bridges just 8 months in power

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