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President Hichilema tells ECZ Chair and Vice that he will not renew their Contracts

General News President Hichilema tells ECZ Chair and Vice that he will not...

President Hakainde Hichilema has notified Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Essau Chulu and Vice Chairperson Emily Sikazwe of their expiration of contracts and non-renewal of tenure.

President Hichilema says the decision has been made in exercise of the power vested in him under section 4 (3) of the Electoral Commission Amendment Act number 5 of 2019.

The Head of State has since thanked the two for their dedicated service to the country and has wished them well in their future endeavors.

This is according to a statement made available to the media by the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Anthony Bwalya.

Justice Chulu was appointed ECZ Chairperson in 2015 and has held the position for the last seven years, while Dr. Sikazwe has served as Vice Chairperson for two years, following her appointment in 2020.


  1. Esau chulu has been watching his shadow from Aug 2021………

    He has many skeletons in his backyard that need investigating………..

  2. Since they were appointed by Edgar China Lungu this was altogether expected. However, they have actually ececuted their duties diligently – after all HH won the election – so still a bit surprising?

  3. These are the flaws in our systems… how can a football team choose a referee to handle its game. We need to come up with a system where appointment to such positions don’t involve the president. You can not depend on the good will of an individual let alone an interested one.

  4. Now you are asking and crying profusely, blubbering on about the system all along its been perfect for you when we stated that the sysytem was flawed especially if you are under state capture like that of Lazy Lungu you called us bitter …anyway ECZ Essau Chulu was not fit for purpose.

  5. Continue checking the appointments….Already ku RTSA (Board) uko they have put there own..Kambwili used to tell us Muka mwenako. ts their time.

  6. Generally, other people should be allowed to take up positions to allow for fresh ideas and also allow for growth. This is welcome, it is also concerning that many elderly people move job to job, when will this end to allow for youth?

  7. In this community can you tell us what is piercing the hearts of people. Job losses………….privatisation of jobs and pot holed stomach.

  8. This country is really SPOILED, I want to say without redemption, BUT, I will be positive and say it will take sometime to REPAIR. Everything is suspicious of corruption. Should that always be the case ?
    No one has been appointed yet, but you have some elements HERE already suspecting HH, what is wrong with you? What if the president decided to give Patrick Nshindano a chance, will you be b.itc.hing about the same suspicion you hold now ? If Essau Chulu was NOT able to implement changes in ECZ in past 7 years, what is the justification for keeping such a person in place? Just to Please ba PF?
    These are topics where we should all be agreeing, to remove ineffective people from GRZ, they are paid from your TAXES, and TAXES has no political affiliation.

  9. #7 unfortunately no young are being appointed to these positions. Most of them are being recycled. So no new ideas. Just look at the appointments. However all parties when they win an election they want to consolidate their power and also secure the future hence overhaul of the systems that they inherit.

  10. @3, in total agreement with you. HH will now appoint his own people, it’s difficult to understand how those appointed will not be biased towards him.
    He won the election under the chairmanship of these two, it may be argued that they were impartial, and perhaps they ought to be maintained.

  11. Its not surprising that finally judge Esau Chulu has had his day. This judge disgracefully declared fictitious results in Lundazi during the 2016 elections.
    In those results, this dishonourable judge declared more results for Edgar Lungu than the ACTUAL REGISTERED VOTERS IN THE DISTRICT.
    Incredible this was his own verbal statement from a JUDGE, falsifying figures that up until this day, those false figures will bear witness against him. Now that he is out of office ACC need to do the right thing, let the law visit him to clear his name in courts of law. Evidence exist. “UMULANDU TA UBOLA”. Ask GBM.

  12. Getting rid of fair men of integrity to replace them with his own praise singers. Do you think you would have won if essau was not up to the role? You know you are losing next election so now you want to bring in your fellow crooks

  13. I see this is where the tuma irrelevant 1.8s come to vent their tuma funny frustrations. Chaps are still talking about tribalism like it worked in August. Hopeless characters.

  14. @ #14 Dudelove, yeah tribalism does not work in the North=Eastern side of Zambia, but rife in the South-Western side. Even Jesus can be rejected that side for their own.

  15. That coup at ECZ should be sent as ambassadors.
    But keep umwaice Nshindano and his girlfriend.

  16. Anthony Bwalya UPND – So you can accept a fictious chracter called Jesus …really laughable ..how our people are brainwashed.

  17. IMF have observed Ubututu at display. He is pounding river sand if he thinks IMF will consider his request, with this behaviour. Village mentality is taking too long to melt in the Zambian pot, with no shame he is busy pouring ice on the pot. He be told tribalism is retrogressive. Glad, the majority do not suffer from village mentality and it gives hope village mentality will eventually melt in Zambian pot.

  18. I’m conflicted on this one. Esau Chulu has been terrible in that role. However he redeemed himself at the last elections (albeit it was impossible to manipulate due to the sheer numbers HH won with).
    I also agree that the role of the head of ECZ shouldn’t be a political appointee. This is the reason they become reluctant to be fair as they are scared that should the incumbent lose, their jobs will also be on the line.

  19. More of the same, it is official HH is not what people thought he was. He crafted an image of himself that imperfectly fits his real him. One would have thought that he would be working towards creating a more independent ECZ but alas this is another lost opportunity for this man

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