Barotseland Reports blogger warned for alleging that government resources are being abused

Western Province Minister, Akapelwa Mbangweta
Western Province Minister, Akapelwa Mbangweta

Journalists in Western Province have condemned a Facebook post created by Barotseland Reports alleging that local media personnel were being lavished with excess government resources.

Western Province Press-Club President, Sifuwe Mwangala, said it was wrong for Barotseland Reports to post and publish such falsehoods.

Ms. Mwangala said such sentiments amount to an abuse of the freedom of expression.

She has since urged mushrooming social media outlets to observe accuracy and objectivity in their reporting of issues, adding that fabricated information is uncalled for.

“They should learn to be truthful all the time and verify facts before publishing them. How can they accuse us of swimming in money,” she said.

She noted that the article was demotivating to Journalists who are trying very hard to execute their duties under difficult circumstances.

Recently, the Barotseland Reports Facebook page, posted negative remarks against Journalists who attended a meeting with Western Province Minister, Akapelwa Mbangweta and some senior provincial staff on the preparation for the provincial tourism expo.

The page wrote a caption on a picture showing Western Province Minister and local Journalists stating, “On the photo; Journalists who always swim and eat government money, posing on the photo with the Minister and so-called expo advisor”.

And Sun FM Reporter, Geoffrey Likezo, who was part of the labelled Journalists, said such allegations are unacceptable and demeaning to the noble profession.

Mr. Likezo said such careless and unverified statements can attract legal actions against the publisher.

“Bloggers should not start doing the work of Journalists because you will start abusing freedom of expression,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Likezo called on media regulatory bodies to critically monitor online media outlets.


  1. Who are you cheating. We know that since August 2021 they are pumping money in the bantu batotwe regions. We warned you from our strongholds that voting for this tribal man will mean you are sidelined from development


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