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ECZ Leadership should be Independent and not feel threatened by the Change of Government


Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said that the Electoral Commission of Zambia chairmanship should be independent and not feel threatened by the change of government.

Reacting to the decision by President Haakinde Hichilema not to renew the contract of Chairperson Essau Chulu and Vice-Chairperson Emily Sikazwe, Mr Changala told a local radio station QFM that only then will true evolution of democracy show and avised President Hichilema not take pleasure in his latest decision not to renew the contracts of ECZ Chairperson Esau Chulu and his vice Emily Sikazwe as this will raise questions on the credibility of the next people he will appoint.

Mr Changala said that as welcome as the none renewal of the contracts might be, the development highlights the serious challenges faced between the institutions of governance and the executive.

Mr Changala said that the action taken by the president will raise questions on the credibility of the people he will appoint to the said positions and whether they are not his pawns and inclined to the new dawn administration.

Mr Changala further stated that the ECZ is supposed to be independent without any due influence from any arm of government, but the fact that the ECZ heads are appointed by the Republican president makes the job security of tenure and independence of the institution questionable.

This week President Hakainde Hichilema notified Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Essau Chulu and Vice-Chairperson Emily Sikazwe of their expiration of contracts and non-renewal of tenure.

President Hichilema said that the decision has been made in the exercise of the power vested in him under section 4 (3) of the Electoral Commission Amendment Act number 5 of 2019.

According to a statement made available to the media by the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Anthony Bwalya, the Head of State thanked the two for their dedicated service to the country and has wished them well in their future endeavours.

Justice Chulu was appointed ECZ Chairperson in 2015 and has held the position for the last seven years, while Dr. Sikazwe has served as Vice Chairperson for two years, following her appointment in 2020.


  1. In Zambia even straight forward issues are exaggerated, the two commissioners were saving on a contractual basis and this is not new, it happens in Government, NGO’s, the UN the Corporate world etc, their contracts came to an end, what is so difficult to appreciate about that? There were other people in those positions before the corrupt, incompetent and violent Pf and that Lungu came, so what is special about the two, are they the only qualified Zambians? In Zambia we don’t pay attention to facts, all the time we believe in petty conjecture, their contracts expired period get this into your greasy heads. Does anyone remember how lazy Lungu fired B.O.Z Governor Kalyalya whose contract was still subsisting?

  2. #3 You are the one who doesn’t pay attention to facts. The article is not about contract it about job security. The new Government has terminated even those who had not completed their contracts….a fact you didn’t pay attention to. You have only mentioned Kalyalya forgetting that your party has fired hundreds of civil servants in its ten months in office.

    • Those fired were PF caders. The PF had it in their manifesto that only those who were politically inclined to PF should hold leading positions in parastatks and public entries. Have you forgotten how Bowmsn taunted this govt that they were still using people appointed by them to run institutions for them?
      Fixed term Contract jobs are just that. Whereas renewal is based upon satisfactory performance, it is not guaranteed even with satisfactory performance.
      Maybe now the honorable Judge can give us more information about the existence of Chitulika Constituency whose results he announced at an election.
      Other people need to be given a chance to run the institution; and they should know that these are fixed term contracts. No wamuyaya.

  3. Cut the crap …………

    Issau chulu was a PF cader…………

    He was in lungus pocket…………

    The amounts of marked ballot papers found abandoned in streets when it became clear rigging won’t work and the disgracefull silence of chulu when opposition were being barred from campaigns should be an indication of how compromised chulu was………

  4. Issau chulu was not sacked in the first week of the new GRZ because at the 11 th hour , he realised lungu and PF might not win, he…………

    Acted hounerbly as his job entails……..

    By all rights he should have been sacked…….

  5. Esau Chulu is good riddance from ECZ. Judge Chulu is a fraud – he declared false results in Lundazi in 2016, declared more results than the registered voters in Lundazi district. He should have gone years ago – disgraceful judge.

  6. The UPND had issues with Dan Kalale, they had issues with Priscilla Isaacs and they have issues with Chriticles Nshindano and I know the he’s going. They had issues with Justice Florence Mumba, they had issues with Justice Irene Mambilima and they have issues with Justice Esau Chulu. We’ll see whom they’ll appoint to these positions to manage the elections that they’ll superintend. The manner that the UPND has behaved towards those that have served in these positions will definitely put the new office bearers on the spot.

  7. #10  Ayatollah 
    June 9, 2022 At 2:51 pm

    “The UPND had issues with Dan Kalale, they had issues with Priscilla Isaacs and they have issues with Chriticles Nshindano and I know the he’s going. They had issues with Justice Florence Mumba, they had issues with Justice Irene Mambilima and they have issues with Justice Esau……”

    Lungu could not have almost destroyed all system of governance in zambia alone…………

    He had willing participants , either through blackmail or bribery by many in key GRZ positions………..

    The clean up will be long and meticulous……..

  8. #5.1 Ndine don’t be mischievous… most of those fired were employed even before PF was formed. Now it’s okay to employ clueless people like Kawana because they are Upnd. Belonging to s party in the ZAMBIA that I know is not an offense and neither is it a qualification. I am not surprised since you have already shown us that no tribe will be allowed employment in Southern Province.

  9. @12 Spaka, all these officials didn’t serve under Lungu. The UPND and their leader insulted Judge Florence Mumba at the time HH was a distant 3rd to RB and MCS. They almost fought Justice Mambilima. The UPND blocked all progressive reforms at ECZ including the printing of ballot papers in Zambia which now Chipenzi is talking about. They’re the only Party that was chasing after empty vans. What else didn’t they do? They’re now in charge, we’ll see how they will manage the 2026 elections. May God grant them more wisdom as they preside over affairs of the State

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