Zambian traditional leaders to converge in October

Chief Mumena With Senior Chief Ishiindi right and Chief Ishima Sankeni V1
Chief Mumena With Senior Chief Ishiindi right and Chief Ishima Sankeni V1

The Forum for African Traditional Authority of Zambia (FATAZA) has revealed that Zambian royal establishments will converge in Lusaka in October 2022, to share developmental knowledge from all the 288 chiefdoms in Zambia.

FATAZA General Secretary Chief Ishima Sanken’i the sixth of Zambezi district in North-western province, said chiefs in Zambia are custodians of natural resources and other wealth but have lagged behind in development.

ZANIS reports that Chief Ishima disclosed that the traditional leaders will also use the meeting to share information about development activities taking place in their individual chiefdoms.

He said this when FATAZA and Overland Mission, paid a courtesy call on Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Kalunga at his office today.

The traditional leader further said the spiritual meeting will also accord chiefs an opportunity to dispel the notion that palaces are places of witchcraft.

He explained that traditional leaders are Christians who also fear God and cherish his guidance.

Chief Ishima explained that development will be easy to achieve if all traditional leaders seek guidance from God.

And Overland Mission President, Philip Smethurst, said the meeting will attract traditional leaders and other stakeholders from within Zambia and other countries.

Overland Mission is a Christian organisation set to organise the King of Kings celebration meeting for royal establishments in Lusaka.


  1. It’s important that our traditional leaders don’t shy away from discussing matters to with witchcraft. The time to revisit the Witchcraft Act has been long overdue and our Chiefs can play an important role in the formulation of the ne Law. It’s not in dispute that they handle many cases to do with the vice at their Courts. There are many examples that can be given of incidences of witchcraft. Why do we have so many “doctors” advertising their services? As for this meeting it’s positive in that it’s the very first of its kind. I’m anxious to see the agenda and to follow the proceedings. I hope it’ll include land tenure and management. At Independence 95% of land was in the hands of traditional leaders but now things have changed. What happened. Our Royal Highnesses must address…

    • The witchcraft act in Zambia is very clear. The courts in Zambia do not recognise the existence of witch craft. Only the chiefs and their courts recognise witch craft. Its for this reason that these these chiefdoms and their courts should be abolished. We do not need chiefdoms in morden day Zambia. They are catalysts for tribalism and witchcraft.


    • Chiefs have messed up land issues big time. Most of the land has been sold leaving their subjects helpless. They can no longer be entrusted with land administration. See what is happening in the North West and Central province.

  3. Chiefs have become money hungry. Most of the land has been sold by chiefs through their headmen. The chiefs are getting “commssions” from the investors for their own pockets at the expense of their subjects. Look at the fights for becoming a chief in NorthWestern Province! . Look the the fights for boundaries in Luapula Province and Central province. Its all caused by the chiefs and their headmen for wealth.

  4. Abolish Chiefdoms……We do not need them in this era. What do they manage anyway? Witchcraft? They just interfere with normal government operations. Surely why should the entire head of state go and kneel before a chief in Magoye , Shiwangandu or Mufumbwe? For what? These chiefdoms fall under a district , and province. So the district and provincial administration should superitend the areas “managed” by these chiefs.

  5. We do not need chiefs really…… they are nothing but a catalyst for tribalism.
    Why should my ID align me to a particular chief?

  6. The moment you hear of a chief,,,,,,tribe comes into play.
    It goes; A Kaonde chief, a ngoni Chief, a tonga chief or a Namwanga chief. This as all unneccessary……. It just promotes tribalism?

  7. The constitution of Zambia recognises the President as the head of state . Its not a monarchy like the British where the prime minister is a subject of the Queen. Its ok for the British Prime Minister to bow to the Queen. In Zambia the President should not kneel and bow before any chief at all. Consititutionally he is above the little authority of any chief in Zambia.

  8. Overland Missions a Christian organisation to oversee traditional chiefs affairs? – this should be ignored – O M should stick to its agenda.

  9. Theres nothing wrong with the president kneeling before a chief. Theres no law demanding this. If he doesn’t he will just get a backlash from traditionalists who will say he has no respect for local customs but he obeys foreign cultures. Especially in a country that commands workers to wear a tie and jacket or white wigs in office. Paying tribute to these foreign cultures while refusing to pay tribute to your own means you are a mental slave. A lost African

  10. Kikikikikikiki Yes I think that’s Steve Harvey. He comes home when the house of chiefs meet

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