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Zambia to help maintain world peace-HH


President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia is committed to maintaining its reputation as an advocate for a peaceful resolution of disputes, in various affected countries worldwide.

Speaking at State House this afternoon when Russian envoy, Azim Yarakhmedov called on him, President Hichilema said the country has since independence used dialogue to resolve differences with other countries worldwide, adding that his government will always advocate for peace, in line with the United Nations.

ZANIS reports that the President explained that countries should always use peace and dialogue in resolving disputes, adding that doing so fosters peace, development and job creation for the country.

“Zambia wishes to cooperate with all nations in the world, in keeping our world peaceful and stable, focusing on development.

As mentioned earlier, investment, trade and fighting poverty, creating jobs for our people, and looking after the disadvantaged communities, is a very important aspect for us as a nation,” he said.

Mr Hichilema also thanked Russia for hosting Zambian citizens and students alike in their country.

“We also wish to express our appreciation to the Russian Federation basically for taking care of Zambians living there, including students who are studying in Russia,” he added.

And President Hichilema reiterated his government’s economic diplomacy agenda.

“We reiterate our new government’s position that a lot of our relationships and foreign policy will be anchored on economic diplomacy, trade, investment and economy,” the President stressed.

And Russian Ambassador to Zambia Azim Yarakhmedov said the two countries have enjoyed good bilateral relations for a long time.

Mr. Yarakhmedov who spoke through an interpreter, said his country is committed to enhancing cooperation in tourism, mining and agriculture sectors.

The duo thereafter held a closed-door meeting to discuss mutual issues.


  1. “Zambia to help maintain world peace” says the president while greeting the Russian envoy. What HYPOCRISY. Russia invades a peaceful neighbouring country and is fighting an illegitimate war even today. You have lost my admiration Mr President and I know I’m not alone. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. And if I was that potential investor, contemplating a major investment in Zambia’s mining sector, then I would now turn around and say to myself “No, not this bunch of turncoats” – and direct my interest to a REAL trustworthy country. Bye Zambia.

  3. And I truly hope that in various embassies in the country, certain ambassadors will wake up and realize that they made a MAJOR mistake by trusting the president and his government – and review the plans they have for cooperation. They thought Zambia had recovered but instead it appears to be Zimbabwe 2.0 – not to be trusted.

  4. Hh the sellout. One day he is against Russia then next he is with them. We told you to maintain neutrality but you have a big oval head and don’t listen

  5. #No Corruption Zambia – Not long there was a hoo-ha, accusing the president of voting against Russian aggression on Ukraine. Zambia’s non-aligned stand were raised, all “wise men” chipped in to advise Zambia’s historical stand on non-alignment when it came to vote at UN issues involving supper nations. Including the “wisest” man in Zambia called moron Kaizer Zulu #4 above. Today, the same people exhibit the same ignorance of incapacity to comprehend complexity geopolitics, of subjectivity and systematic change. See, the president meeting Russian ambassador imploring to help maitain peace. Its shaming yourselves. The scriptures say, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’ – Hosea 4; 6

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