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I’ll will continue to be passionate about girl child education-Inonge Wina


Former Vice President Inonge Wina has said that she will continue to be passionate about girl child education and will continue to advocate against early childhood marriages and teenage pregnancies.

Mrs. Wina, who was appearing in public for the first time since the August 11, 2021 general elections, wished the new administration well as they work towards steering the economic growth of the country.

She was speaking in Lusaka yesterday during the launch of the Women’s World Cup Plaza for the Barotse Jets Football Club organised by MOVE foundation, a Zambian and Australian NGO.

She added that this is why she will support any initiative that is tailored towards empowering the girl child.

She commended the Organisers for the event for considering Western province as is adversely affected by early marriages and teen pregnancies, consequently affecting their various talents and hindering their personal potential in other social and economic spheres.

“I was pleased when I heard that MOVE foundation through the Move 2023 Women’s World Cup project has now identified and recruited vulnerable girls to play soccer in a team formed and named as the Barotse Jets, through this you are in a way fighting early marriages and teenage pregnancies by creating opportunities for the girls, “she said.

And Minister of Youth Sport and Arts Elvis Nkandu has pledged the government’s support to any initiatives that have a positive impact on the well-being of girls in the country.

Mr Nkandu noted that sports is one of such initiatives as it helps to keep girls away from illicit activities that can culminate into child marriages and pregnancies.

He noted that his ministry will continue to promote increased girl and women participation in sports in line with government’s policy of ensuring that women and girls are given equal opportunities to excel through sports and arts.

He expressed happiness that the fact that the Barotse Jets football team will be given an opportunity to witness the women’s World football Cup 2023c in Australia is a morale boost that will make them work even harder to improve women’s sports in the country.

“These young women will become football ambassadors from Western Province, travelling to Adelaide, Australia to witness the women’s world football cup 2023 and play friendly games against the local Adelaide women’s football team will make them aspire beyond their dream and achieve big,” he said.

He further thanked move 2023 women’s world football cup for coming up with an initiative for triggering a 10-year women’s football programme connecting Australia and Zambia with an aim of inspiring, equipping and enabling young women and girls of Western province.

The sports launch was organised by an initiative named MOVE foundation, a Zambian and Australian NGO which is behind the formation of a social empowerment initiative through a football team called the Barotse Jets.

The event was attended by former Vice President Inonge Wina who is the patron of the club.


  1. What a pity you wasted all those useless years as a veep in that horrible thieving government of that laughable and corrupt Edgar China Lungu

  2. Pity she didn’t see anything wrong with women bring stripped naked and beaten for wearing red when she was VP……

  3. Mum you continue to inspire me. Your wisdom and how you served diligently is so admirable. You have an extremely clean record unlike nalumango who is involved in fertiliser corruption scandal in less than a year of service

  4. What a useless woman look at what she left in Western Province for the same girl child she keeps singing about…10 years of speeches…just enjoy your retirement old hen!!

  5. Isn’t this the same Wina who mocked WP for being sidelined.


  6. All you are passionate about is yourself stealing land in forest 27 at the expense of people who you were supposed to serve.

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