Sunday, June 16, 2024

Are our Hospitals mere buildings now?


What ordinary Zambians are experiencing at Clinics/Hospitals

Lack of consumables

I took accident victim’s to Kanyama clinic yesterday.Found good hearted dedicated health workers with nothing to work with, no gloves,no cotton wool,no books for records, no nothing at all.
Three questions kept ringing in my head:

1. How do they(nurses and doctors) attend to ER patients without any protection?
2.does government understand the danger these people (nurses and doctors) are exposed to?
3. Are we going to pretend forever that all is well and speak lies on media to please?

Lack of medicines

The shortage of medicine in government hospitals and clinics is an urgent matter. It’s about people’s lives!
The past one month has seen my father move from Matero Level One Hospital to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and the only medicine he has been given is a prescription.
The last three days I spent with the big man at UTH he was prescribed almost ten types of medicines and nothing was found within the walls of UTH, syringes and panado inclusive.
Yes we have dedicated staff at these institutions but the shortage of medicines is a serious matter because other patients might not be as fortunate as my father whose children can manage to go to a drug store and buy medicine whose prices are going up on a daily basis.

Lack of Laboratory service support


  1. This is totally unacceptable. HH and his UPND need to pay extra attention to this issue. A sick country cannot develop at all. We need to fix our healthcare in the country.

  2. Only those who have better facilities will argue with this.
    The only thing you are assured of is the availability of prescription notes.

  3. This information doesn’t tally with what’s happening in Kamwala. My bearded friends have been smiling the past few weeks. They’re saying that the business they the past few days is far more than what they had in the past 6 years. Government has moped up all medical supplies without even the headache of tenders. So where has the medicine gone??? Aikona man!

  4. Prescription means work has been done go buy the medicine. thats how hospitals all over the world operate.

    • You are in a different country with different modus operandi. Don’t open your mouth carelessly just because you can afford the medicine. In fact I am talking on behalf of your miserable relatives somewhere in Namwala. I have a medical scheme and I can afford medical needs.

  5. The only thing we go for in hospitals is to get tested for BP, weight and get a prescription and then the next thing is comeback as a BID because a clinic and hospital are now a transit to the mortuary

  6. Just look at the floor in the picture of a hospital in Zambia. Then you’llask your self why do we have a ministry of health? And people collecting salaries pretend ING to be providing us with services from our taxes!


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