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The New Dawn government is losing the support of many Zambians-Chungu


Former Luanshya Member of Parliament Steve Chungu has warned that the biggest opposition the UPND Government faces is the people of Zambia.

Mr. Chungu said the strength of opposition political parties is not a big factor when people want to change the government.

The former Government Chief Whip in the Patriotic Front (PF) government observed that majority voters do not even belong to political parties.

Mr. Chungu said the hallmark of any good government is listening and governing according to the will of majority citizens.

“The opposition are the Zambian people because even when the PF were in Government they forgot one thing. They thought it was just about the PF but the Zambian people woke up on that day and said we are the opposition. The opposition are not members of a political party or a party does not win elections because of its membership. It is the general populace that comes and says we are changing today like what happened in August last year. The 2.8 million that you saw are not members of UPND, they are Zambians that sympathised and are going with the wind of change,” he said.

Mr. Chungu alleged that the New Dawn government is losing the support of many Zambians by not fulfilling campaign promises that include lowering the cost of living.

“These Zambians can shift and I believe they have already shifted. More than a million people are already disappointed and have shifted to start looking around for whom to support in 2026. The opposition are the Zambian people. If you are to look at the numbers of the UPND members, they are less than 500,000. Maybe I am exaggerating even the figures are less than 300,000. So there is no political party that can win an election just with its own members. You need to give a message of hope like the UPND did. They said when we come in we are going to give you free education.”

“They (UPND) did a very good due diligence study of the needs of the Zambian people. They knew that a Zambian was complaining about the cost of tertiary education. They knew that the Zambian was complaining about lack of employment. They knew that the Zambian was complaining about the issues to do with the cadrelism. So they went there and told the people to say when we come in there will be no cadrelism, when we come in we are going to employee 2 Million youths, when we come in we are going to reduce the price of fuel, when we come in we going to reduce the price of fertiliser, when we come in we are going to reduce the price of mealie meal,” Mr. Chungu said.

Mr. Chungu vowed to continue speaking out on governance matters and asked the government to listen to people’s concerns.

“I am asking Zambians to get united and voice out. If we want this government to develop the nation or to fulfill promises we need to be poking them. We need to be pointing at them. I know criticism hurts but the government should be strong. We are not going to stop talking; we are not going to stop criticizing them because it is healthy for them. They will know that here twalufyanya abena Zambia bakalipa. Nomba ubushiku tukalekafye ati twaleka ukulanda fwe bena Zambia it will be another 12th August 2021 because Zambians stopped talking in 2018. Again Zambians will stop talking if the UPND does not change or have a big heart to listen to criticism. The biggest problem is with the so-called praise singers. Praise singers misled Fredrick Chiluba, they also misled Mr. Rupiah Banda, they misled President Edgar Lungu and they will also mislead President Hakainde Hichilema,” Mr. Chungu said.


  1. Steve Chungu is right. Ten months in power, and NOTHING has been achieved! PROMISES PROMISES, EMPTY PROMISES. And lots of foreign trips without any results. He’s flying out again today. For what, Mr President?

  2. The main opposition for NEW DOOM is lies. Pungwa is slowly being consumed by each lie told everyday.

  3. To the contrary they have done so well in the first 10 months: Retirees have been paid; recruitment of 40,000 Civil Servants for Health and education underway, CDF is there in sub districts; Caders are out; we have a cabinet that covers the whole country; the tax on rented property has been reduced from 10 to 4% for those with fewer properties, there is zero tax on many agriculture products including tractors and heifers/bulls. I urge you to look around and see how you can benefit rather than waiting for handouts. The problem is that people want to be spofed.

    • Where are the 40000-civil servants working? The CDF has no proper procedure on how to get it. Mention anyone who has received CDF.

  4. Steve chungu is speaking from experience he knows how they use to behave when they were ruling. They thought they will forever be in power… Indeed days are numbered . I remember visiting his office mmmmm he was hard to find and talk to.

  5. You can only judge UPND after 5 years, not 10 months, 2 years 4.5 year, but 5 years. Then ask them about the promises and if not happy then vote them out. You cannot get a certificate for passing mock exams. Write your final exams and gauge you performance. Anything else is wasting time!!! On your bikes, wankers!!!

  6. Chungu is being positive to be in opposition. However, when in opposition with huge amounts of cobwebs in the cupboard is unsustainable. Zambians currently want all former leaders punished for looting national resources. All those who plundered national assets through office abuse will be prosecuted and that has only began. This may include Steve Chungu if not Serviour Chungu who stole and plundered Zamtroop funds while DG of State Inteligence. This scenario will make opposition leaders weak to focus on national issues of checks and balance. Who can trust them.

  7. What is this car thief talking about? He has just forgotten the damage that he and PF have done. Suddenly, he has the courage to speak on behalf of the so called people. During PF , he was very quiet stealing together with PF bandits until the debt reached $30bn and never at any time saw him feature on this platform

  8. Fill the hungry stomachs with food in this community.Can you fill people’stomachs with stories in this community?Who will be willing to listen to you when stomachs of people are empty.Lies will soon expose some people not too long from……………

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