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Late Wina described as a gallant freedom fighter


Opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) says it is shocked with the demise of veteran politician, Sikota Wina.

The party’s Vice President Charles Kafumbo says he received the death of freedom fighter and former minister in the first Cabinet with grief and sadness.

“We send our deepest condolences to the Wina family as the nation mourns with them. We wish the family God’s comfort and guidance during this difficult time,” Mr. Kafumbo said in a statement.

The ZDDM VEEP said it is very unfortunate that barely two days before the Zambia celebrates the first anniversary of the death of founding father of the nation, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the nation has again been robbed a gallant, diligent, pioneer and freedom fighter, Mr. Sikota Wina.

Acting Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa confirmed to the nation the death of Mr Wina who died yesterday at the University Teaching hospital after an illness.

The late Mr. Wina, 91 was the first minister of health in the United Nations Independence Party, (UNIP) Government.

Mr. Sikota also held the posts of Minister for Local Government and Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism.

In 1991 to 1993, Mr. Wina also served as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly under the Movement for Multi-party Democracy, MMD in the Second republic of president Dr. Frederick Chiluba.

He was also famous in publishing books and among them ‘A night without a president’ published in 1968.

The late Mr. Wina was the last surviving member of the first Cabinet of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda when Zambia attained her independence in 1964.

Republican President Hakainde Hichilema described the late Mr Wina as a patriot who will sadly be missed and difficult to replace.

Political party leaders and several individuals in the country have joined President Hichilema and eulogised Mr. Wina as a ‘gallant son of the soil’ who together with his friends in UNIP immensely contributed to Zambia’s political independence struggle.

Funeral gathering for the deceased is being held at his farm in Mimosa area, Chilanga.

Government, through Cabinet Office is yet to communicate on burial arrangements for the late cabinet minister and freedom fighter, the late Mr. Wina.


  1. We have not forgotten his other infamous role including landing in disguise as hussien …mhsriep …he will get a state funeral since he is a former minister

  2. Rest in Peace Gallant Son of the Soil, Bo Sikota Wina!

    You have run your race and you have done a lot for your country.

  3. Unless one doesnt know our history noone would scorn the description of Sikota and his brother as some of the heroes of the Cha Cha Cha uprising. A very popular man in Luanshya Sikota was a vital component of mposamabwes as he was fearless and was focused on black freedom. Let the man rest in peace and allow him his status.

    • Agree 100% @Anapaya Gadaffi! Arthur and Sikota Wina and their spouses’ history and contributions to this country’s political dispensation cannot be denied (no matter your political affiliation).
      From Western Province /aka Barotseland’ point of view, the older brother Arthur Wina was more likable and a darling as it was suspected Sikota was one of the few Lozis who conspired with KK to help tear down the BA’64. Sikota also represented the Constituencies on the line of rail whereas the brother stood in Western Province Constituencies. Regardless this family combined has contributed to this country’s public service perhaps more than any other… think about Bo Arthur Wina (founder of MMD); wife Bo Inonge Wina; brother Bo Sikota Wina and wife Bo Nakatindi Wina… wow! It’s incredible…

  4. Hatembo you follow tabloid f00Iishness and believe everything you read on social media. You are an ignorant moonyellow

  5. He was known as Unip cowboy because he studied in California the home of western or cowboy films. He was one of the 4 people from Western Province, i.e. the Winas, Arthur and Sikota, Mundia and Sipalo, almost a third, of the 15 msn first Zambian cabinet. this was the first and last cabinet KK appointed on merit as he later started his tribal balancing appointments. It included even John Mwanakatwe who was more of an academician than a politician

  6. @Jigga 4.1 yeah you’re right. This is the family with the biggest political contribution to Zambia The Winas are Zambia’s Kennedys

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