Illegal mining activities worry Kapiri Mposhi council

Trucks for ZCCH-IH Manganese mine in Serenje
Trucks for ZCCH-IH Manganese mine in Serenje

The Local Authority in Kapiri Mposhi District has expressed concern over the mushrooming of illegal manganese mining activities in the area.

Kapiri Mposhi Town Council Chairperson, Brilliant Munyeke said some unscrupulous firms and individuals are engaging villagers to mine manganese without following legal and safety procedures.

Mr Munyeke noted that the residents mostly comprising women and youths are mining manganese which they later sell to unscrupulous firms and businessmen at exploitative prices.

The council chairperson said this after he and Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Francis Hasalama visited some illegal mining sites in Kampumba area in Chief Mukonchi Chiefdom today.

Mr Munyeke said the development is depriving the Council of revenue from mining activities being conducted indirectly through villagers by unscrupulous mining companies and businessmen.

” We have visited some of the mining areas where women and youths even children are being exploited to dig for Manganese by some unscrupulous companies and individuals especially in the outskirts of the district. We want to warn these individuals to desist from this illegal act and formalize their mining activities,” Mr Munyeke said.

He has since encouraged women and youths engaged in the illegal mining activities to form cooperatives for them to access empowerment through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to venture into small scale mining activities in their areas.

Meanwhile, Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Francis Hasalama has bemoaned the unsafe conditions the miners are operating in.

“There are a lot of women and youths who are being exploited, the way they are working without protective clothing, even the money they are being paid by the same businessmen is very little. We have to change this situation,” Mr Hasalama said.


  1. YOU are in charge. DON’T complain, DO SOMETHING. Zambians are very good in complaining and NOT taking responsibility!

  2. Although illigal mining happens the world over…………….

    GRZ needs to get a grip on the situation.

    That is why Zambians need to guard their country and minerals jealously………..

    It is high time goverment introduces an environmental awareness and morals subject at primary education to teach Zambians to look after their resources……..

    Now 60 to 80% of mineral wealth is lost to external elements…………

  3. Francis Hasalama as a former miner and MUZ official knows the contacts of officials in the Ministry of Mines whom he can approach to normalize these mining activities that directly benefit these communities. It’s his job to ensure that it’s done, so why is he complaining? There’s nothing wrong in people exploiting their God-given resources. Help them formalize their new found source of income and improve their operations. These people don’t even know where the Mines Safety Department is situated. You job isn’t to sit in your office and wait for allowances as you complain about the very people you’re supposed to lead. If you have no ideas please ask. It’s such initiatives that will alleviate poverty and not the confused CDF

  4. #7  Deja Vu 
    June 17, 2022 At 10:57 am

    “Leave alone just like the black mountain scroungers have been left alone…”

    The black mountain fiasco is a PF policy akin to slush funds and empowerment money dishing………..

    They serve the country no long term benefits………

  5. Muna I know you are t0nga and it bothers you. Ever considered calling out your leaders? They make you all look bad

  6. Hear we go again, We have all these resources been exploited and yet no implementation to stop this!! Gov should copme up with the solution to develop these new finding of mnning areas and create employment to the locals!! whats going on GOV!!! Like one of my Colleagues mentioned in the comment” stop complaining and do something about it’, just complaining itself will not take us anywhere going forward!!!

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